DocType Directory Structure

I’m trying to learn frappe by Frappe Tutorial
I have made all steps for creating an application from scratch. But after creating all doctypes there is no folder doctype in apps/library_management/library_management as described here
What’s up?
Can anybody explain this case?

Setup developer mode to 1 in site .


I have found that when the doctype is “custom” it does not save the files to the doctype’s directory.

1: Enable developer mode.

  1. Clear the cache using Reload.
  2. Un-check the Custom check box in the doctype and save. You will not be able to do this until you are in developer mode. Also, when you create a new doctype, you have to Reload before you can un-check the box.

Should now have directories.

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I have made as you said.I still not have doctype in the directory.

May be I should to explain how I installed Frappe?

  • I have ubuntu-14.04.3-server-i386. is this ok?
  • sudo bash is this ok without --setup-production?
    The installation process has been without problems.
    I have made new app Library Management. When I log into my new site the icon Development was in Desk by default. is this ok?

Have you confirmed your site_config.json has developer mode enabled?

When editing your doctype. Can you un-check the Custom checkbox?

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The problem is solved.
After unchecking the Custom check box in the doctype and rebooting the system.
Thanks to saurabh6790 and zeroxcorbin.

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