Doctype naming and title

Hello there,

I am not sure I understand how the naming and title of doctype works.
I have read

I have also read this discussion on naming and title

I understand that
Name is the unique ID for the record. (It appears on the header’s right side, before the buttons.

Title is what appears in Bold letters at the Left side of the header.

Now here is what I want (which I am not managing to make it happen)
Example of library and books
I want each book to have this naming conventions:
And each book to have as title the name of the book

So here is what I have done:
in autoname:
LIBRARY-.YYYY.- in the appropariate naming series field

and in view settings:

See attached pictures below.

What am I doing wrong because at the moment the title and name are the same and it is just the book name (or item_name). The naming series is not happening.

Thanks for your help.