What is the difference between "Title" and "Name" of a DocType?

based on My Custom Doctype "Quotation Remarks" does not work. I wonder why?:

I have noted that there are 2 things in a DocType “Name” & “Title” which seem to be different things. Can anyone explain what the difference actually is? It would help to understand the mechanics in general to understand that

Please Refer this link.It would help.
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edit: link to the prospective replacement page for custom-doctype - a web search fails to find a custom-doctype page, that presumably is obsolete

thanks for the pointers.

the document title article says at the end

If you want a fixed title, you can set the rule in the Options property. In this way, the title will be automatically updated everytime the document is updated.

there is not example of such a rule in the Options. Do you happen to know what exactly you have to put in the Options.

Also, I don’t see any Options in the DocType Form itself so this addresses the Options property in each field, right?

Name is the unique ID for the record. (It appears on the header’s right side, before the buttons.

Title is what appears in Bold letters at the Left side of the header.

@shraddha, the second link is not working.
And the first link just indicate how title works. But not really how to get a title that is different than the name.

@vrms, did you manage to better understand both and make it work for you?

I have posted here my problem for something similar.

to study how doctypes are constructed (by looking ant the field ‘title’ via Customize Form may help with the understanding.

@vrms I am creating my own app, basically an extension of the library tutorial as I want to better understand the frappe framework.
I am slowly figuring it out as I dig into the other doctype and see how they have done it. Soon I will repost it here to show how I have made it work.

name acts as the unique ID of the document’s items.
title is like the label that headlines the document on the screen (the Big Bold Title on top).
name should be unique. title can be duplicated.
you can set title to be assigned the name value (or you can set it to something else).