Don't have ERPnext set incoming mail to status "seen" <= how?

By default, ERPnext marks all incoming mail as “seen” via IMAP.

Can that be changed to “unseen”?

Thanks and cheers,


Email Account => [user] => Allow Incoming => Email Sync Option
to “All”

You get a warning about possible doubles which you can safely ignore (stopped me from trying it out at first)

“Unseen” will change all e-mails to seen, “All” will not.

unfortunately, NOT solved! I was fooled by the receive cycle timeout of some minutes.

Email Account => [User] => Email Sync Option
…BOTH settings (“All” and “Unseen”) will mark incoming mail as “seen”.

Many people rely on the “unseen”-flag of incoming messages and read only those.

So still ERPnext marks everything “seen” on arrival, which file must I edit?


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