Double horizontal scrollbars

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with general ledger table where there is double horizontal scrollbars at the bottom. I’m not sure if other tables will have this issue too.

Anyone know how to fix it?

Thank you.


This isn’t happening on

Pointers to replicate this issue would be helpful.

Kindly share more details.
Frappe and erpnext version you’re using.
Current browser you’re using.

Mostly this was caused when you’re using quite old browser to access erpnext.
Try any other browser and see if it is still the same.
But it is always better to share enough details for us to replicate this issue.


I can confirm I am able to reproduce the issue in chrome v70, Frappe staging vbeta-29 and ERPNext staging vbeta-22.
Neither nor are up-to-date enough to be able to reproduce the error in the production, stock or sales analytics (fully newly refurbished in ERPNext vbeta-21) for example.

Confirmed also on our side!

I’m using

  • ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.24 () (staging)
  • Frappe Framework: v11.0.3-beta.29 () (staging)
  • Chrome v70

Seems like it’s an issue with v11 on staging branch?

I tried it but I only see an orange bar which is not actually as scroll bar.

  • ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.24 () (staging)
  • Frappe Framework: v11.0.3-beta.29 () (staging)
  • Chrome 68 and Also Opera 56

You can also see this problem on Frappe DataTable - A simple, modern datatable library for the web under the heading “Simple Demo”

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Indeed, the header and body of the table seems to be separated and the 2 scrollbars are for each of them.

Any guidance from the Frappe team?

I think this issue is quite widespread. Most of the tables I come across in v11 have double horizontal scrollbar.

Thank you.

Issue is opened here Two horizontal scrollbar in reports · Issue #6445 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
And could be linked to this issue : Scrolling and Expand/Collapse issue with DataTable · Issue #47 · frappe/datatable · GitHub

I think css could be set to overflow: hidden instead of overflow: auto in the class dt-body

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Hi @jodeq,

Is there a specific file i can change the css setting and apply to whole site?

Thank you.