Dropship (between 2 erpnext instances)

Hi everyone,

I have looked into the following links

Let’s say I have 1 ERPNext instance for our own use. When I send PO and DO to my dropship merchants, I want them to login to ERPNext too. But that ERPNext is another instance (or different server than mine). The reason is I don’t want to mix my instance with them (just in case in future, who knows, someone manage to bypass my server due to bug,etc). Is that possible and easily done? The tricky part is the 2nd instance needs to have sufficient data, etc the dropship merchants can view products sold to us, and related documents.

or do you recommend both my merchants and own staff access the same instance?

Merchant will also have their own login page (background A) and our own staff on a separate login page (background B).

Any help? Thanks.

no one? i do wonder, if i could use rest api to talk to both of them? believe erpnext comes with rest api. I guess as long both using the same version, will do right? or is it best i use 1 database (aka 1 instance)?


Single database will be recommended.

In the upcoming version of ERPNext (version 7), Supplier will be able to login and make Supplier Quotation against an RFQ. Perhaps same functionality can be extended further for your use case.

so the current version can’t do it?

when is v7 going to launch?

HI @ericmachine88

If your on a self hosted environment then you have immense flexibility. all what you said can be achieved. If your on the hosted service , then I would recommend to wait for the update.

so you mean the current developer version has all of it? is it stable for production?

@ericmachine88 No i mean with the developer version you can easily build most of what your looking for. All the tools required for it is there within the frappe framework

thanks. i wonder what makes frappe framework different with django? i know erpnext is built using frappe. but any special differences?