E-Commerce Connector just separation or also some streamlining, recommendations, etc.?

I recently decided to use the woocommerce connector and adapt it for another shop, but then I noticed during git pulling that it was gone from ERPNext, so I wondered and had some questions if there might be a good reason not to proceed with my own ideas (which might be limited).

Then, and quite recently, we learned about current

So I have different questions now, because Frappe engineers are probably well ahead of my ideas due to their longer experience with the framework and their experience from lots of implementations. So now I wonder:

Will there be some kind of unified E-Commerce-Connector(-API) for the different possible integrations, or will any such connector have to be an independent app doing it’s connecting in it’s own way, linking to any of all doctypes as needed or wished for?

Why am I asking?
There have been several different connectors already, at different places (source code repos). The functionality differs, e.g. the approaches and completeness of functionalities.

So I’m wondering if this separation is just that (in the wake of breaking up the monolith), or if there will be some additional thought / means invested regarding

  • approach recommendations and variants (just get the data or ongoing connection, one-way or two-way-synchronization, api connection or directly reading database tables, using downloadable backups for one-offs or slow-semimanual-multi-offs)
  • message queue tools for securing the arrival of the data needed for synchronization (“what if the connection is broken, will the data arrive later? are there specific error/success logs?”)
  • mapping functions and “foreign database/api exploration” (tables, fields, are these empty or used, pristine or modified, data types of fields vs. real data, data cleanup helpers, PII discovery for securing it due to legal obligations and respect for the people, machinery-internals with no need to sync, …) tools
  • prefabricated connector templates for common e-commerce software
  • documentation with examples to build what is needed
  • etc.

to get such linking jobs done.

What are your thoughts and ideas, or info, about this?