V15 release date

As far as I remember, Frappe announced release of v15 officially on Oct 1, 2023. I have been waiting for the first release of v15 but there is no news until today.

Has the release calendar been postponed ? Any updates on approximate release date ?

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Hi :wave:

The release has been postponed to 20th, October.

We are polishing some espresso related changes in Framework (so every bit feels awesome at release!) and some major refactors in ERPNext are going on (like ERPNext E-commerce app separation).


Hi @buildwithhussain,
THanks for the update. How risky is to update to the develop version of frappe currently?
We have sets of insights dashboards and the insights was installed inside erpnext for smooth access for users with no need to login to a separate insights site. Then i’ve updated insights and i think insights require version 15.

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Great! Thanks for the update.

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Is it going to be released today?

branch for version-15 is created yesterday, but no official confirmation

up up

so can we officially upgrade to v15 ?

Not yet. Wait until you get an official announcement in this forum.





Is V15 for ERPNext also officially released?

Yes, It is

Check the official announcement

When will ERPNext v15 become available on Frappecloud? :fire: