EDI Integration Options

Anybody currently trading EDI documents through ERPNext?
I’m interested in collecting stories about this from anyone who is doing it or interested in doing it.
What I see so far in regards to out-of-the-box integration is the ‘Data Import’ tool, but I can imaging that can be a challenge to use as-is for EDI trading. Then there is the ‘transformation’ between the csv templates and X12/edifact/whatever. Lots to do if this were to be made into an integrated solution.

The EDI documents that I’ve implemented in other environments are the usual X12 850, 855, 856 & 810, and others (846, 812, 820, etc, etc) as needed. These 1st 4 are the key ones that I see a need for, though.

So far I’ve had some success with API calls to create Sales Orders (850i) and retrieve SO Acknowledgements (855o) and Invoices (810o) from mocked-up JSON - that is the basis for the system that I’m imagining. I expect to also need some custom DocTypes for EDI specific entities, and some DocFields here and there in the base tables.

I’d be interested to hear what others have done so far, both ERPNext customization-wise and what Transformation tools anybody has used.


I am in the same situation, I looking for help with 2 options:

Hi Ignacio.
I’ve tinkered with both EDIFabric, and BOTS. Neither of them exactly fit what I’m looking for so I decided to begin the process of writing my own translater/parser - that’s been an active WIP for about 6 months now. I currently have a working parser and EDI->XML transformer - started it in Groovy, ported to C#, and now I’m attempting to port it to Python for maximum integration with ERPNext (bench app-add and custom *.py files). Probably still some weeks out for the python port.

EDIFabric is a .net component - could be used in a middleware scenario but that brings it’s own set of challenges.
BOTS is written in python, so the integration options are more interesting, but I haven’t yet had any luck teasing out the pieces that I want without using the whole BOTS stack, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the workflow.
Also the available maps/specs are not compatible with the maps/specs that I’ve acquired over the years - my custom parser uses the GXS/Biz spec and I have a large library of them to call from, being a professional EDI implementation consultant and using BizManager for about a decade.

What specific transactions are you looking at implementing?

My project is to create a web portal to hold all EDI process.

Each partner has specific scope:
• AMAZON: 850 (Purchase Order), 856 Ship Notice/Manifest), Shipping Label (UCC-128), 810 (Invoice), 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), 846 (Inventory Advice)
• Overstock (OverstockSupplierOasis): 850 (Purchase Order), 856 Ship Notice/Manifest), Shipping Label (UCC-128), 810 (Invoice), 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), 846 (Inventory Advice)
• Wayfair (CSNSales): 850 (Purchase Order), 997 (Functional Acknowledgment), 856 Ship Notice/Manifest), Shipping Label (UCC-128), 810 (Invoice), 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), 846 (Inventory Advice)
• Hayneedle (NetShop): 850 (Purchase Order), 856 Ship Notice/Manifest), Shipping Label (UCC-128), 810 (Invoice), 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), 846 (Inventory Advice)
• Houzz (houzzAPI): 850 (Purchase Order), 856 Ship Notice/Manifest), Shipping Label (UCC-128), 810 (Invoice), 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), 846 (Inventory Advice)

The first step is just the 850 and 855

The second step I need send all orders to shipstation or integrate with UPS, FedEx and USPS to have and print the shipping labels and send the traking number back to my partners

Finaly, send all orders to my ERP system.

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Im in a similar situation. I have a requirement to integrate EDI to my ERPNEXT implementation. We will be looking to incorporate the following codes 810/820/832/846/852/855/856/860/860/865. Interested if anyone on this chain has completed an ERPNEXT EDI integration and or if there is a GITHUB effort currently underway or if either one has an opensource app and or an app we can license to speed up this integration.

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Hi, @Healtherp !

I’ve implemented ERPnext-Connections with EDIFACT by ORDERS + INVOICE.
If we will have any test capabilities I would like to implement 810…865 to ERPnext.

Let me know if you’ll be interested.

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Hi @FHammer
Although your comment wasn’t specifically directed at me, if you’re open to it, I’d be interested in working/collaborating with you.
I’m not a end-user or a stakeholder though, so it would be of the collaboration type vs hiring you as a consultant.
It’s been a few months since I worked in ERPNext last - been looking around at Odoo forks (very interesting stuff) - love the code but the ERPNext usersgroup is 100 times as active.

What base version of ERPNext are you targeting?
When I left off last module creation (or specifically visibility of the new module) in v12 was still giving me problems so I was using v11.
I do seem to have mucked-up my v11 & v12 on-prem test server implementations though, so if you’ll let me know your target I’ll reinstall so we’re both on the same page.

I have test transactions from live customers to validate against - 850, 855, 856 & 810
And also a EDI server/mapper so that we can exchange drummond-certified & code-list validated transactions - just like a fortune 500 would.
Do you mean 865 or 856?
865 is PO Change Acknowledgement. (865 is to 860 what 855 is to 850)

Hi, @mattlongfield !

Right now I’m using 11.1.39.
Even thats what we need - an environment to test several business cases against an existing installation.
I’ve also allready realised several more connections by EDIFACT including AMAZON.
So I prefer to process as much as will be possible. Including both 865 + 856.
Which transmission way you are able to use ? FTP, AS2, X.400 ?
Let me know which steps should be the next ones in your oppinion.

We would be interested in working on this too. We are going to be picking up medical clients

Hi !
Meanwhile I’ve got the 850 (SALES-ORDERS) already running in my ERPNext.
Right now going on with the other ones.

I am interested, any possibility to share your github repository?


Hi @szufisher
I’m not sharing the Code because I’m providind the solution as SAAS. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me.
I’ve seen that you are working arround SAP. My solution is also able to act as a middleware between ERPNext and SAP connecting via IDOCs.

I started this thread in an attempt to collaborate toward a module for EDI that we could all share, use, study and benefit from. FHammer doesn’t take that approach, obviously - all the more power to him.

I make an offer to the community:
I don’t have a GIT (yet) for sharing my code, but if you have an interest in helping out and sharing in the duties of building, testing or using an OPENSOURCE module that we can all benefit from, please respond here, or PM and I’ll discuss what I’ve done so far and what remains to be done, for processing X12 850, 855, 856 & 810 into and out of ERPNext.
Full disclosure - my solution is far from being ‘production ready’ at this point - if you need something turnkey, that’s still many months out.

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I am thinking whether it is feasible to embed / integrate bots into erpnext natively,if you have already done something, I would like to join your effort.
my Skype is szu_fisher

BOTS is a monolithic solution unto itself. I’ve looked at BOTS and have taken a different path.
I chose to start from scratch with a parser/validator inside a ERPNext module.

also we may consider support UBL,anyway if possible share your doc and repo, I will try my best to collaborate and contribute, hopefully other interested members may join.


@mattlongfield Hey Matt, I’m very interested in this project so far and would like to learn more about where you’re currently at. I might be able to help contribute if it would fit in with our project timelines. Please let me know how we can best discuss this further!

Thank you,


This is a very worthwhile project… sincerely hope it sees the light of day

Kind regards,

Hi- interested in this project also if it has moved beyond concept.

interested in collaborating if you have progressed this build