Revisiting EDI question

I had written this post many months ago, and didn’t really get any traction at the time.
Is the timing is better for a discussion now?
EDI X12 850, 855, 856 & 810 are the US distribution company’s bread and butter, especially when you participate in the supply-chain of the big-box and retail chains.

I’m still working through POC but have a beginning of a EDI module for populating Sales%20Order from 850. Much remains to be done though.

past EDI discussion

Hi Natt,

Let’s hope you do get traction this time around. There is another North America sub-group. Maybe you should try and get those guys together on this. My guess is you need the means and you need the developers. Where do you need help?

I mean, I’m just nudging this along. If you find the means and need developers, I can help. :slight_smile:




Did you get any traction this time around? I might be interested in contributing to Purchase Order and Shipment related EDI implementations. I’ve just started reading up on the standards themselves and whatever software exists out there - bots, mainly.

Is your intention to create an open source version that integrates into ERPNext?

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I am actually looking at coding an EDI 856 implementation and would be interested in seeing what other interest there is.