Edit Chart of Accounts Error Bitnami stack onto a Google VM

Hi all,
New to ERPNext, setting up a CofA for a US-based retail business. There’s something seriously buggy with the default Chart of Accounts. For instance:

  • Selecting Accounts Receivable and Edit, I find i am editing “Earnest Money”

  • Selecting "Stock in Hand and Edit, i get “You are not permitted to view this page”

If it matters, i installed the Bitnami stack onto a Google VM
Should I delete the company and start over?

The problem may have to do with bitnami?
Bitnami Stack does not work properly - #3 by keithpocock

Seems that might be it. I had a Virtualbox instance running from the standard ERPNext image download, so I guess i’ll install that anfd give it a go