Edit Sales Order after submitting

@David_Stegnitz, it’s not possible, but you can Delivery and Order from Delivery Notes

Did you figure out how to do this? I need to be able to edit a product or price after submitting if the supplier comes back and no longer has that product or changes their price. Possible?

once the sale order is generated ,u can amend it by clicking on cancel button. then ucan change price and remove item from lines.

hope it Helps

Yes, that works as long as it doesn’t cancel the purchase orders that were generated from that sales order. ??

We often have sales orders with 15 suppliers on them. We generate all of the purchase orders and then we get notified that one product is going to be changed/updated, is it really required to cancel all of the purchase orders just to change one line item on a sales order? Seems crazy that we can’t just cancel the one purchase order that is impacted by the change and then update accordingly and generate another purchase order. How do we do this?

@charlie-cook, maybe you can open an issue for a new feature based on this

What I understand, is that you dont will change the PO, but do you will receive one alternative Item, for the Ordered Item

Sort of… what I want is the ability to edit a sales order. I understand that if it impacts a purchase order that has already been submitted, I will need to cancel that purchase order and issue a new one. BUT, if I wanted to add an item on the sales order, I should be able to cancel and amend, add an item and generate a new purchase order.

@charlie-cook If you need to issue an new item into the Sales Order, that is already into the supplier, you can generate a new Sales Order.

The major issue, is regarding the removal of one item into the Sales Order, but if it’s addictive, and dont occurs at same day, I dont understand, why you should treat then as same Sales Order, instead of an complementary Sales Order.

By the end, it don’t will have any impact for you.

Ahh… so if we are just adding an item, create a new sales order? Can we combine the two sales orders into one sales invoice for the customer?

The other issue is if we need to remove a product from the sales order - if we cancel the associated supplier purchase order, it should allow us to then edit any line items associated with that supplier in my opinion. It seems the system holds on to all POs attached and you can’t delete or edit anything unless you were to cancel ALL of the POs - even the ones that have nothing to do with the item you are editing.

Thanks for your help @max_morais_dmm


Yes, when you are creating a new sales invoice, you can click into “Get Items From” and you will be able to brind all orders pending to bill to the customer.

@charlie-cook You can remove the item, during the invoicing process also.
My issue regarding this issue, is, when you have 1 Item in stock but it’s reserverd to the customer X, and the customer Y ask, for the same item.

I’m not sure, if ERPNext will not bring the availability of the Item, to the customer Y, when it’s not available (it’s in stock, but is reserved).

Thanks for the note on Get Items From! I never thought of using it to combine two orders. We always generate sales invoice from the sales order directly but makes sense this way too.

We are drop ship company only so it’s not an issue on keeping stock numbers straight. It’s just a simple matter of the supplier didn’t ship the product or sold out, etc… and we need to remove it from the order. :slight_smile:

Thanks @max_morais_dmm

Well, this worked for us for a short time but it’s getting to hectic to manage. If we wish to simply add an item to an existing sales order, we should be able to. Is there no workaround to allow item additions after submit?

@charlie-cook, I dont think will exist this, because, sounds more one internal procedure issue, than one software issue.

As I have presented, ERPNext have tools to support almost of your process, but allow that one doctype can be changed after the information is confirmed, is go against the security, and one of the currently requirements of the community is increase the security into the system.

Also, I dont know any ERP into the Market, will allow you to change one Order or Invoice, after you have submitted it, and included it into other processes.

I see. What about the ability to print purchase orders while sales order is in draft mode? I could leave the sales order in draft status as long as I can create the PO’s.

Also, looks like version 11 does allow you to update qty and price on a submitted sales order so I was just curious why I can’t add or delete an item?

@charlie-cook It’s again something that really dont make sense!

How you will purchase something that you aren’t sure about what it will be?

I mean, is the same, to go to the supermarket, because you wanna buy suggar and coffe, and reach in home with eggs, salt and pepper only. I understand that customers can change him mind, what I didnt got, and without that, will turn really hard, to help you, is the answer for the given question:

Lets suppose a customer wants to buy 10 units of an product X.
You make the separation of the goods, put into the truck, and when you truck is into the door of the customer, the customer say: - “Go back with this, I changed my order, instead of 10 units of X, now I want 2 of X, 5 of Z and 8 of W.”

So, the purpose of an ERP is provent you to waste money, due failures into procedures. If you tell-me that the fact that the customer changed they order, when you are into the road to delivery, and It dont represent’s any money wasting for you, so, my opninion, is that one ERP is not the right tool for your business, because, the philosofy of an ERP, is be unflexible in terms of changes of information, to prevent loss against processes.

Thanks for your input. It’s a little too late for me to go back on using ERPNext now so I’m trying to figure out how to make it best work for us as we continue on.

The scenario is more like this:
Customer places order on Monday with 50 products. Products will ship on Thursday.
Between Monday and Thursday, customer calls and needs to add on 5 products. We would just go and add this to the order and create PO’s for the new items.

OR, we submit the PO’s on Monday and supplier A says they don’t have 3 of the products so we need to cancel those products from them and instead need to order those items from Supplier B.

None of this can currently be done since the SO has been submitted and PO’s generated. This is a big problem for drop shippers. We carry no inventory.


I think, complementary Sales Orders, solve your issue, with the customer.

Sales Order 1 - Qty 50
Sales Order 98 - Qty 5

The key point is on supplier side.
You need one confirmation from the supplier that the supplier have the items.
So, instead of directly Order the Goods from the Supplier, why not, make an Purchase Quote with the supplier first?

The complementary sales order is fine except that our bookkeeper keeps forgetting to add in any additional sales orders when invoicing the customer. I need it to automatically pull in all sales orders that have the same ship date and then problem solved for that part.

As for the suppliers, this industry won’t accept that because of timing. We place orders up to a shipping deadline and then they must be shipped. There’s no chance of sending a supplier quote and waiting for it to come back. Just won’t happen unfortunately. Suppliers sometimes just forget to put something on as well - accidents happen. Then they don’t invoice us for that item and now we are back in the same situation where I need to remove items from the customer’s sales order.

Please continue on! Your contributions are appreciated more than possibly you realize?

As an end user the experiences and observations you relate give valued insight for all of us here.

Thanks very much for your persistant and transparent efforts…

Thank you @clarkej for the encouragement! I am continuing onward and we will just wait for some of the new features of v11 to rollout as there are many things that are part of that release we need!

I’ve been talking with the ERPNext team and trying to hang in there. Appreciate it! :slight_smile: