[New Feature] BOM Components Alternative

Our team would like to showcase a particular feature that we believe is very important in Manufacturing module particularly BOM set-up and Production Order. This is to set Alternative Items to BOM Components.

Here are the details of our feature improvement. We will start sending PR at the beginning of next year.

  1. There will be 3 levels of alternative setup.
  2. Firstly, alternative items of a component will be set-up under “Manufacturing” section in Item Doctype.
  3. An alternative can be a “Two-way” or a “one-way” type. “Two-way” alternative means the parent component is also an alternative of the set alternative items. If it is a “One-way” type, the parent Item is not an alternative of the set alternative item.

  1. Secondly, an alternative will be more filtered in the BOM level. In some circumstances, a set alternative will not be applicable in a particular BOM. Example scenario will be customer specification which has particular alternative choices.

  1. Thirdly, final selection of which alternative to use is in Production Order level. In this level, user can also select one or more alternatives and set the qty to cover the production of the BOM.

  1. Stock Entry, Material Request and Purchase Order coming from this Production Order is restricted to the Alternatives selected in the Item Requirement Child Table.
  2. For Stock Entry, Material Request and Purchase Order independent of any Production Order, it can select Alternative Items using a button with a pop-up window same with the one in Production Order.




Really great proposal. I can see this will be very helpful for many others.

Thanks to Dominic and his team for your plans and development of this code in the community - exactly how things should be done :grin:


Thanks @Julian_Robbins!

PR is up for this Feature. You may check here WIP: Alternative BOM Lines by kickapoo · Pull Request #12379 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub . For all the people interested in this feature, please help us make the design more generic for all Manufacturing companies across different Manufacturing products. Please feel free to comment in the PR if there are comments within the scope of this proposed feature. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Great feature!
If two items are exactly the same, we normally merge them. If they are alternatives they will have some difference(Price, Quality, Brand). There could be an additional field to indicate the parameter of difference.

These don’t seem to fit in your scope, but will be useful to us:

  • Updating “BOM Stock report” to search and complete required qty by looking for alternatives in a parent warehouse.
  • Selecting alternatives based on cost in Production Orders.
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Sorry to bother you with this. Was this feature merged? thanks

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I can see that there was a commit on the issue, but it is in “Don’t merge” state.
Is tehre something we can do to push this forward - the feature is VERY VERY desirable…

Hi All! Please take a look at this for continuation from PR above [enhance] Item Alternative by rohitwaghchaure · Pull Request #13121 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

Thank you!! According to git thread it is in the development brunch, included for the version 11 release.
Just may be you know if I can incorporate this today in my last VM version 10.1
Many thanks ahead…

It is currently in Develop branch. You can cherry pick the commit and merge in your core.

@creamdory Could you share the steps of how merge the commit to my core? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am also very interested in these instructions.
Because every time I touch the code for test purposes I can’t continue updating the bench/ERPNext.

Very interesting feature! Nice Job!
Are there any plans to include this feature in the hosted version soon since this looks to be exactly what we need!

Does somebody know how to do the merge? or
Are there any dates for v11 to be released?

For all the feature is ready in term on prototyping etc