Editable Grid V7


I’ve been trying v7 and editable grid is really nice. Users can make data entry faster now…

But there’s one downside I see so far. I don’t know whether its by design or a bug… if we check in_list_view for a child field but it doesn’t appear in child grid.

In v6 the field did appear on the grid so user can instantly see important info e.g. batch no etc related to each item. But now user has to click for detail to see it…


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Thanks! In List View is the default, but it can be overridden by code (as it is on most important transactions)

@rmehta I didn’t get what you mean… So How to set which fields to appear on the grid? must modify the code directly?

In many cases, its not configurable, but if you find bad decisions let us know.

At one side, this is a nice feature but for end-users…e.g. in sales invoice, they need to see warehouse, batch/serial no or other important info to appear on the grid table… In List View option should make these to appear on the grid like in V6

So they can check and modify entries if needed before submitting transactions

If not, this nice feature seems ‘not too helpful’ as at the end…they have to go to.detail to see information and also it may lead to wrong input… for the case users may need to deduct stock from different warehouse etc

In my opinion different business is different use-case. So this should be configurable so the business can decide which important fields to.appear…

I find that what should appear first is the item name, not item code. Because we are using SKU numbers for the item code, you can’t really know that item is on the sales order / delivery note / invoice. It is actually better in v6 where the item list is more detailed.

Right now, the quick entry grid is causing a lot of entry errors as our admins are lazy to expand the item form.


I’ve got the same problem. I’d like users to be able to use the editable grid, but it’s a better view to turn it off all together.


I have the exact same problem. It would be great if we could customise what fields are shown in the editable grid, or at least make the Item Name field appear together with item code like in v6. Would really appreciate it if this could be updated.
thanks again for all the hard work of the team. Really appreciate it.

Modifying the fields that are available in the Editable Grid would be useful. We need this as well.

I agree! Making Editable Grid customisable would be great. Or at least have the item names appear on the grid instead of just item code.

But I noticed that in Quotation, the Editable Grid has item name appears after the item code, but in Sales Order and Invoices, the item name doesn’t appear.

If you find the child table doctype, in the customize form portion of setup. (Eg. Sales invoice item) can you not select the field (eg. Item description) that you want to appear, and check the box that says “In list view”? This has worked for me for showing fields in the grid in v7

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Thanks for your help. I’ve tried that in Sales Order Item, but still doesn’t work. However, I noticed that in Sales Invoice, it works fine. So maybe just a bug in the Sales Order Item Doctype?

@Ratanak if you have enabled editable grid it should work.

@rmehta I have enabled it, but still not working in Sales Order. I’m using cloud version.

Yep, ID:Name…Like implemented in sales invoice for all>>SO,PO,GRN etc…

Would that field appear in the editable grid? The description field did not appear in the Editable Grid of the ‘Sales Invoice’ form after checking the ‘In List View’ option for the ‘Sales Invoice Item’ doctype. I am using the following versions:

  • ERPNext: v7.0.10
  • Frappe Framework: v7.0.9

I was able to change the columns in the Editable Grid of sales documents by modifying the file in the path ‘apps/erpnext/erpnext/selling/sales_common.js’. The columns are defined using the following statements:

	this.frm.get_field('items').grid.editable_fields = [
		{fieldname: 'item_code', columns: 4},
		{fieldname: 'qty', columns: 2},
		{fieldname: 'rate', columns: 2},
		{fieldname: 'amount', columns: 2}