Email Inbox shows up in 7.2.29

I thought this was going to be a v8 thing? BTW, when I click on it, it does not load and locks up ERP. I have to do a “reload” operation to clear the error.

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Email Inbox page has been removed in the V8. We have added the Inbox view instead you can find the inbox view in Communication List.

We will be adding a Desktop Icon soon.


The develop branch (v8) will also show the last official release number

Will fix this, so that release number will be shown only in master branch



@makarand_b @rmehta

Any hint on how to remove icon from desktop?

I’ve deleted all Email Inbox icon from icon list but wont disappear and user can see all communication like administrator.


Any news on this?

One way would be to go into tabDesktop Icon in the database and delete all “Email Inbox” lines

@felix not working …see:


I think the temporary solution is to remove the link from until a proper fix gets pushed.

But it seems strange that a normal user can see System Manager communications. That is beyond an icon issue - that’s a serious permissions bug. Maybe create a github issue for this.

@felix i’ve removed from desktop.js, about the other bug it seems to happen if email inbox is not defined for the user and when logging first time or on clear cache …