Email trigger issue

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When we send email from any doctype and receiver replies to that email with cc to another person from our organization it triggers continuous email to the document owner with few second interval and email inbox get affected due to this. we dont know what exactly happening if there is any internal feature for notification to owner then it should happen only once yesterday almost 900 email were sent and this sending stopped only wen the email is delinked from the doc-type and deleted from the system

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I have the same problem. The only solution I have found so far is to delete the e-mail from that oppurtunity.

currently we are doing the same thing but this is bug from email module and same is very annoying user as inbox is getting full with these huge email also there is threat of being identification of being spam if such huge emails sent in shorter duration and repetition of same subject and the sender

Can anyone expert help us in the same regards

I actually just had the same issue and solved it my answering that e-mail. I am not sure though, if you need to answer the e-mail out of the system or answer the e-mail in your inbox. I did both at pretty much the same time. Also I changed the status after doing that.

thank you for your email i got the solution but we need to highlight this to
core erpnext team so that next version will have some bug fixes


I think the function is pretty good. All we need are some kind of settings some where to be able to manage this. For example to be able to mute single opportunities for a while?!

@Abhijit_undre go ahead and create a git hub issue and just link to this forum post for a start.

@wojosc request a favor as we are not well familiar and never used git hub can u take this forward. @umair can you please help us with email module

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Hello @Abhijit_undre are you aware of what the actual solution is?

as stated in above post mentioned umair for help awaiting for his reply

I have created a separate post just for the issue occurring in Opportunity: Mail notification from Opportunity CRM