ERP - content management for website

how to add slug and Meta-description for the website which is taking content from erp?

You can set up meta tags for the pages generated: Website Route Meta

How can i make the hyper links in the content to open in a new tab

If you’re using html on a web page, simply use the target=“_blank”.

eg: <a href="" target="_blank">

If you’re using JS, you can use option. This is something you can use in desk:

Members can help you better if you can say what type of page it is and explain the use-case as well.

Hi ,
this is the element in one of the hyper link in one of the page.

I need all the hyperlinks in all the products to open in new tab . How can i set generally in ERP next??


Hi All my hyper links i have set in the website specification tab in ERP , when i click from the website it is opening in the same window . I would like to open them in the new tab , kindly help !

Hi Everyone me also same pblm, I given target=_blank but its open same window but I need to open new tab pls tell me anyone