ERP Next v15 Development to Production

Hello Frappe community,

I’ve been working on an ERPNext application in development mode on one server and now I need to move it to production mode on a different server. I’m looking for guidance on the best practices and steps to accomplish this migration smoothly.

Some specific areas I’m interested in:

  1. What are the necessary precautions to take before initiating the migration process?
  2. What are the recommended steps for transferring the application and its data from the development server to the production server?
  3. Are there any potential pitfalls or challenges I should watch out for during this process?
  4. How can I ensure minimal downtime and data integrity during the migration?

Any insights, tips, or documented procedures from your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hi @Abai,

I think, you should check the post.

Maybe it will be helpful for you.

Thank You!

Thank you for your response @NCP ,Does the above solution allow us to set up a production server which is a different one from the development server.

I will suggest you. first, take a backup from the development server and then upload it to the production server.

Ok Thanks @NCP