ERPNext 14 Production (ubuntu 22.04) OVA file ready to use

Hello Friends

As before I create ERPNEXT V13 OVA file
Now I make ERPNEXT V14 OVA file
because many friends are facing error and unable to install v14
just download, restore the file in VirtualBox and run ERPNEXT V14.2 from Start

ERPNEXT v14.2 production image here is the link

login to ubuntu user
IP will appear after user login

than you can access erpnext on this ip
Complete the setup and enjoy ERPNEXT 14

user = administrator
pwd = oclits

pwd = oclits

user = frappe
pwd = oclits

the Version of VirtualBox I Used v 6.1
ERPNEXT v14.2 production image
FRAPPE v14.8


Will this work on MacBook air M1 ?

VirtualBox on M1 or M2 does not support yet.

If you want to setup ERPNext on Ver 14, Install UTM and Ubunto 22 on MacBook Air M1. Once it is running install ERPNext Ver 14.

I followed two you tube videos and I was running Ver 14

@Ubaid_Khanzada Bhai

Can you help in this? I am using your OVA File and trying to restore the backup.

Thank you very much for creating this file! I installed it successfully, however when I tried to install hrms module it tell me to upgrade node to version 14. Can you please write some instructions to safely upgrade node and install hrms module?

Ubaid ji after login IPV4 address does not appear as you have mentioned here Why?
When I asked you on whatsapp you said its a paid service.
You should have mentioned here that it will not appear after login and we have to go through some process to pay you.
Its so confusing and irritating

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Check this post …

Thanks a lot bro, this will save time to switch on linux server

thanks for the ova

wrong pass

Try with capital O in password

user = frappe
pwd = oclits

The above username or password is incorrect
I have tried with capital O on password but it has failed

You can download ERPNext V14 OVA from below link

ERPNext 14 Production (ubuntu 22.04) OVA file ready to use - #8 by hafiz4saqib

Do you have OVA File for ERPNext Version 15 ready to download?