ERPNext and e-mail - POP/IMAP

Same issues here as described in this thread: Sales email extract deletes emails from server?.

ERPNext removes emails from the server without allowing that function to be user configured (i.e. select if the e-mail should be deleted or not after retrieval). Also there is no IMAP capability although I have seen a number of items suggesting that functionality was supposed to be integrated within ERPNext v5.x. Is this functionality coming? If sales users cannot use their e-mail client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, iPhone Mail, etc) and have the replies tracked in the system then the CRM component of ERPNext will be rendered largely useless unfortunately.

Trialing: ERPNext 5.5.1 running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with a view to moving to the hosted version if the product meets our requirements.
Email server is Office365 Exchange instance. There is no server-side configuration for how to treat POP3 requests.

@dmsmith you can set your mail server not to delete POP requests (thats what we do)

But yes IMAP is ideal, but currently there are not enough resource to work on this.


Thanks for the reply, however in MS Exchange on Office365 (and many other mail servers) you cannot direct the server to not delete on POP requests. This is a client-side setting. How can this be resolved?

Iā€™m sorry to hear about the situation re IMAP - POP is an old and outdated method of e-mail retrieval that is fading away from mainstream use.




Is there any further response to this query? Thanks!



@dmsmith if you are really keen, you can sponsor a feature :smile:

Hi Rushabh,
We are planning to contribute for this feature request.
So, looking at the feature which will add an option for user to choose either of POP3 or IMAP for email fetch.
IMAP will help keep all the emails synced as available on the server.

Suggestion Required:
We are banking on the current mechanism available for POP3 will just add support for IMAP for which we will be modifying email_account.js, and Wii this be right to do so?
We will keep batch of 20 emails to be fetched in a one go
Read, delete,fetch operation on ERPNExt will update status periodically to be in sync across all the devices.

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Awesome! :+1:

Sounds okay.

Just open a pull-request and then keep pushing on that branch so we will be able to review your commits.

Hi there,

Could you give an update on this?
Is the IMAP problem completely resolved?

IMAP is already implemented.