Sales email extract deletes emails from server?

In Selling → Setup → Sales email Settings we added an email account and checked “Extract Emails”.
We found 2 problems:

  1. The emails are removed from the email web server.
  2. It started to import the emails OK but suddenly it crashed, so we lost the rest of the emails not imported as because they were deleted by the server.

Frappe uses POP to extract emails.

They might be marked as “read” but they are not deleted automatically.

Well, they were deleted from our mail server. Any chances of configuring an option of just retrieving the emails instead of extracting them? Maybe with IMAP?

There is no IMAP as of now. Pop works fine in most cases (check your mail box options if you have set to delete after pop)

When using POP, usually the server-based folders will not be able to be seen. Somehow the extracting process was first extracting the emails and then trying to create the communications, then the process broke and the communications were not created anymore. I think this extracting process should be revised.

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Yes, in the best case it should create and commit every communication, can you make a github issue for this in the frappe repository?

We found also a workaround using POP. It consists in copying the incoming email to an archive folder. Then activating extraction in ERP and once all communications are commited, deactivating the extraction to continue receiving emails in the webmail inbox.
This is quite manual and ERP is not updated online, I wish IMAP would be an option.

Yes, we’ve got much requests for IMAP. It’s on our list and we’ll execute once major v5.0 tasks are done.

I want to keep my incoming emails on ERPNext and Outlook as well, if outlook fetch the email first it’s possible to download it in ERPNext, but if ERPNext fetch the email from server it’s deleting and not possible to receive in Outlook, need your help.
Using ERPNext: v5.5.1 in Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

Same problem with me also. I configured the mail in Erp Next and now All my mails in outlook are not visible, My inbox is empty. Even They are not in deleted folder.

How to rollback all my emails please help