Erpnext avalable library


i want to create new accounting reports and i am thinking about method in is there any documentation about it , i think get_period_list, get_columns, get_data function is very good , but yet i dont know how to use it

i tried to create cashflow report


Share what you did till now. Then we can help you better!

Hi metha,

sure, after i done make it i can share it…so far the cashflow report is not runable, and for what i do now is creating new apps to fullfill my needs because its really2 spesific not for global.

right now, im learning about how to do it while consulting with my accountant to get better understandng about cashflow report because im not vary familiar wih it actually

so if you need spesific information about how i created it will inform you guys shortly one i know how will i create the report


It is very hard to help you if we can’t see what you are doing.

You don’t need to always push - you can also share via or pastebin

Sure, anyway please help me with this thread Profit and loss report error , i think cash flow report i will create based on profit and loss report, but i got an error even in profit and loss report