ERPNext charts registration

hi @rmehta
there is a problem with registration process on accounting chart sign up
i tried to regester but it is dont work
can you fix it please?

For our benefit what and where is this "registration process on accounting chart sign up’

Did you get an error message or traceback, that would point to what did not work?

A screen shot would help explain the context of your case so more folks could grasp what you are attempting.

when I try to register in the platform in the following link:
I write my full name and my email, once I click on register, I will have no error message, or the transition to the next step, I wait more than 30min, nothing happens.

That’s a private ERPNext instance - not for the public. Why are you trying to register there?

If you’re looking to use the charts library, go to GitHub - frappe/charts: Simple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero dependencies

I am a reseller of ERPNext, so I assume I am not a public.
and I want to sign up for adds a chart of accounts. if you had seen the link I put it is not for graphs but earlier for charts accounting.

Read the user manual.

If you need more help, you’ll need to be clear on what you are trying to accomplish, and the steps you are taking to accomplish it, and where the error is.

I think we are not on the same wavelength.
rmehat released this so

it is a free contribution platform, to add chart of accounts of each country and integrated them.
visit the page and read the content after one can be well discussed.

This is replicable and looks like it’s a bug

Please email with your problem barhamed

The folks there should be able to help you.

thinks clarke
that’s why I pointed out the name of rmehta.
because it’s his platform

I know that’s why I made a tag on rmehta

Well certainly he captains the ERPNext ship.

And this thriving community owes him a debt of gratitude for what he has achieved and the benefits from his enduring leadership.

But to ping him directly to seek help shows a lack of understanding.

Surely this forum is your first and best recourse for support?


I did it.
I sent an email, and I asked the question here too so that it gets their attention better

Please excuse me for questioning your judgement.

For good measure I reported your problem CoA portal contribution site - to register signup or login access raises error · Issue #13080 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

no problem, if it’s helping the community

hi ERPNext friends,
the ERPNext Support Ameya Shenoy have fix the bug.
it’s work.