ERPNext DNS Multitenant v6


I’m trying to run two sites on one server on Google Cloud with Ubuntu 14.04.

Currently I have two sites


I access site1.local at and would like to access dev at

However, when I go to, the URL points to the site1.local site, I thought that DNS multi tenancy would automatically resolve based on the site name. (dev).

Is there something else I’m missing? I followed exact instructions on

note: All DNS A records are being managed by my hosting provider.


Hey, the site name should be the same as the domain name you’re trying to use. However, you can add:

"host_name": ""

to your site_config.json in your site folder, and that should make it work.

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Yeah, I’ve renamed both site_config files as you suggested.

Let me try re naming the site with the FQDN, I’ll let you know if it works.

Thanks @vjFaLk

OMG. It worked.

Thanks again! @vjFaLk