ERPNext-Event in Wiesbaden, Germany with Rushabh Mehta and Faris Ansari from Frappe

Love it. Thanks for the feedback. Do you know others and could point them towards this event? That would be helpful.

I’m sorry but from Italy, my colleague and me were the only developers. I don’t know other developers but I will share this post on my linkedin profile.

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I have created my slides for my talk. Looking forward to the talks of @rmehta, @dominik, @vrms and @chdecultot. :wink:


Thank you @rmehta and thank you @Martin_Seibert for yesterdays event in Wiesbaden. You can watch the talks (some in english some in german) from yesterday here: - YouTube

Also I was happy to meet you, @dominik again. I am very much looking forward to further working with you and all.


hi everyone.

I wanted to pick up the momentum from yesterdays event in regards to the idea to form a german chapter as well as an interest group for creation of a ERPN>DATEV connector which seems to be so much needed for German ERPNext implementations.

Therefore I have created a linked topic as a starting point


I have updated the event page with the recordings and the slides: ERPNext-Anwendertreffen in Wiesbaden am 21. November 2018

YouTube Playlist

I am still missing the slides from @vrms. Will add them later once he has time to send them to me … But remember to join the Foundation! :smiley:


Update: I have the slides of @vrms and they are part of the event page now.


Thank you @Martin_Seibert for organizing a very interesting event and for making it your mission to create German language content. Thanks to the non-German speakers for bearing with us, maybe you learned a bit of German :wink:


Thank you very much @Martin_Seibert for organizing this wonderful event. You gave a great example of the german hospitality!
It was a real pleasure to meet all of you, hear about amazing realizations made with Frappe and ERPNext sofar and I’m looking forward to see you all again in a next event! :smiley:


It was elevating to see how much preparation and love @dominik and @chdecultot have put in their talks. But do not take my word. See yourself:

@dominik claimed to have created the slides on the way to our office. I would want him to share his way here. I want to take this productivity path when I prepare my next talks. :smiley:


Please let me add some pictures of the event here as well:

Participants of the German User Group Event in Wiesbaden

@rmehta giving his talk

@dominik giving his talk.

Thanks for the reminder that these pictures were still missing, @rmeyer!

By the way: Please feel free to create a writeup and re-use these photos there.

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hello Martin,
thank you very much, I enjoyed the meeting and gathered good information and as a side issue even good contacts to have our future hardware product manufactured.

As already annouced by e-mail, we see as the major challenge fpr ERPNext to become sucessful in Europe the Financial Accounting module. Unfortunately we as a tiny organization, have too little ressources to be of great help. Hopefully that will change some day … If you feel regardless of our short ressources, we can be of any help driving ERPNext FIBU forward, jplease let us know.
with best regards
Otmar Ripp

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One good contribution would be, if you looked into the current abilities of ERPNext in detail and created a report of where it falls short of meeting the requirements of German Finanzamt and Tax Advisors. We had a session with our tax advisor this week and everything looked okay. But we only looked at how sales invoices will be booked. That was alright.

Just saying that your impression is, that it is weak, is not the best way to contribute to a change. An analysis with specific requirements would be “gold”.

Enjoyed watching the videos…@dominik @rmehta @Martin_Seibert The pitches were excellent. Concerns about the accounting module.I had three years ago a control visit of our( NL )tax office taking one full day . They were very impressed by ErpNext and had no problems with it. Our tax office requires transparency and fraud proof… Further only a voluntary industry (self) regulating quality label exits. All similar to the situation in Germany as this article shows Digitale Buchführung: Wie rechtssicher ist Ihre Software?

I doubt it. I am sure, that ERPNext would pass German standards for bookkeeping. My main challenge at this point is, that I am to weak at bookkeeping myself. I need to up this first to be able to comment on this reasonably.

maybe things are different that my first impression was. It just made me more than skeptical that nobody seems to use it in Germany. However I carry some bad experiences based on our current open source Accounting system. There is a chance things are different with ERPnext.

I can at least acknowledge and underline, that yes there is contradictionary from untrue rumours legally no certification process existing. SAP or DATEV might come with some own certrification labeling which is just marketing, but not from a binding authority.
The legal situation just asks for some standards " timely early after receipt occurrence, unchangeable (cancellation of bookings rather than deleting only , mostly understood as at the latest after VAT Predeclaration) etc… Even the widely used DATEV Accounts Framework SKR03 / SKR04 are not a MUST and also DATEV Exchange format towards your tax consultant is not a MUST. You could agree on any Excel format as well if his system can read this. In fact DATEV Exchange format is nothing else but a .csv format which is a bit contradictionary to the unchangeable Requirement after VAT Predeclaration, but that’s the way it is. So there is no legal barrier.

However in practical life if you want your Tax Consultant and his bookkeeping staff to carry on upon your data for the year end process, you better implement everything the way everybody is doing it. Next you will need to synchronize your own data in ERPNext with the reviewed and corrected data of your tax consultant which go into the final official declaration.
And later on if you want to allow Tax office in a verification session to understand what you did, then it turns out to be a MUST to do things the way everybody is doing them, that is in Germany according to DATEV de facto Standards.

Before I comment on ERPNext’s capabilities in Accounting I need to start playing with it. A major view must be put on Tax rules within the European Union between companies having a VAT -ID or not, dealing with physical wares or just IT Services, Reverse charge rules for import and export etc.
However I just know what I learned during the last 2 years since I do my bookkeeping for my company myselve. I am not a native bookkeeper, there might be so much more on top what I know.

best regards Otmar

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My comment during the event was misleading. There is no legally required certification process. But “Wirtschaftsprüfer” and “Tax Advisors” like it, when you use software, that they know. Thanks for the clarification.

Hi, as I buy 30% in Germany I have solved the reverse charges right when I started to use erpNext (2012). …I discussed the issue of accountants who hate a client to use non-standard and argued to involved accounts as well in these days with @rmehta…We concluded that in Western countries the situation is a bit like this " you select an accountant and he will tell you which bookingkeeping system to use, you select a popular accounting software and find a local account familiar with it".
At the end of the year I export the accounts to Excell and my accountant import this in his favourite accounting software to prepare the documents for the tax office…Far from optimal…

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Hi, it depends on your Tax Consultant - and your partitioning with him.
Here in Germany they use at their end mostly DATEV or ADDISSON in Germany sometimes others. If you want to do the Bookkeeping yourselve, than the STANDARD Interface is DATEV. This is no big deal, it is just an .csv list of all your bookings.
Find enclosed an extract of my first 50 lines of 2017. You see it is nothing mystical, pure .csv Excel text in the form:
" xxx€ AccountFrom AccountTo Bookingdate " man and machine readable. This is out of our current ERP kivitendo. The ERPNext challenge is not so much the general interworking. This DATEV Export can be done.
The challenge comes with the details of the possible booking caes and year End closing of periods, Reopening balance etc… Hard to oversee currently for me how complete good ERPNext is.

Best regards

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