Erpnext for agriculture

@Brandon_Fox yes. Open Source software is important. There is a whole world of people that needs something like this and I can make my money of hosting and support of the software

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You have a repo for it? Would be able to help with docs and code.

we have not started working in it yet. We are working on the requirements and how we want to software to function. Some one did work on this but I have not looked at it the much. Maybe this would be the best place to start working on the app

I understand, though a repo with that information might help crowdsource ideas. Just my two cents. A single source for ideas might be a easier venue then the forums.

Either way, count me in.

Okay I started a repo here GitHub - harveststack/agri-erpnext: A set of agriculture modules for erpnext. As soon as i can i am going to do the requirements in rmtoo and upload them.

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@woakes070048 Thanks for creating the proper repo on Github.

I appreciate that the repo has the basic “blueprint” for the agricultural setup and erpnext.

My implementation of ERPNext so far has yielded some ideas… I will share them here and then we can add accordingly.

  1. I am using BOM and Production Order to transfer materials from several warehouses to one warehouse and continue moving from that warehouse to another warehouse.
  2. ERPNext and its BOM currently manage only 1. Materials 2. Operations. but not 3. Fixed Assets (those that remain with the item produced for a time, such as a pot, planting tray, etc.)
    For illustration purposes, suppose I have BOM called: Planting. For that, I need:
    a. Materials: soil, seeds, water
    b. Operations: Measuring soil, filling the pot, making a hole, planting the seed, irrigating
    c. Fixed assets: Xcm diameter plastic draining pots

The BOM will produce a final product called “Potted plant”. After some days, the next production order is to transplant these to the field, at a different location, for example. When you do, you not only produce a plant in the soil, but the plastic draining pot, not only gets moved, but is now “freed up” as an asset that can be “washed” and reused. The production order in ERPNext, should have a field per fixed asset item as a “destination warehouse” so that when the production is validated, the items transfer to the “washing” warehouse, where another production order “pot washing” is generated, with a final destination warehouse “pot storage” setup there. (This is a feature request for ERPNext alone)

  1. Clearly, the functionality is already in ERPNext for a “proper hierarchy” to attach warehouses to parent warehouses, and of course the same goes for the accounts in assets. My proposal would be to create a new DocType called “Geographical” or similar. This would be similar to Accounts, Warehouses in the following manner:
  • Each unit and subsequent subunits can be nested and shown similar to “Chart of Accounts”. You can see the tree hierarchy for “geographical locations”.

  • Similar to a warehouse that has a corresponding “Account”, each “geographical unit” needs to be linked to: “Account”, “Warehouse”. This way, any action taken upon a “geographical unit” that involves transferring stock, or adding “cost of operations” through a BOM, can be registered there.

*This should replicate the proposed model for consolidation, which is already being built in to ERPNext, here:

Ok, I am almost done with implementing ERPNext.
I have some extra time now to develop. I have watched tutorials and done exercises on creating apps. I have brushed up on python / JS as well, since I have something in mind.

  1. New app within bench should be the way to go.
  2. I believe a visual representation of the farm / forest / greenhouse, etc. is key, since most of the work done involves physical spaces.
    I found this developer app for js, wiath a GPL2 license once you buy commercial version for €4.99. It says that it can get data from JSON.

My vision: Have a Property Module, which contains the Polygon drawing app. The polygons can be drawn on a 2d plane, or a Google Map. Polygon points can be stored as a data set, to be displayed again on a map.
User can have an “activities pane” where he can visualize production data, begin a “production” or “stock entry” where source and destination polygons are clicked for an intuitive, visual transfer.

What have you guys done so far?

Hi @Tropicalrambler,
Did you manage to put things on Github to have a look at it?
It seems like you are doing great progress.

@Francois_Ifitwala @Tropicalrambler I bought it and will share it in the repo i started.

Dear @Francois_Ifitwala and @Tropicalrambler what is the status of this development of erpnext for agreeculture. We are company active in agro inputs (not agreeculture) and will like to help if possible on this.

@Cropg1 we are starting on this very soon and would like to know how you could possibly help?

Sorry for the delay in reverting back to you @woakes070048 . We have complete experience in agroinput domain starting from new product development up to retail marketing of these products and through in house manufacturing. Also we are active in providing agricultural consultancy to large farmers and farmer-groups.

Hi @Tropicalrambler can you share your irrigation system repo i am interested in.
Thank you

Hi guys,

I’m also about to start working on a traceability tool for farmers and would love to combine my efforts with yours. Has anyone initiated a repo yet or should I do it ?

For inspiration, here is an existing open-source ERP:
(You can see it in English by going in “Tools Icon” > “Mon Compte” > “Langue”)

It is far from being complete, but they have had great ideas.

there is a repo here GitHub - harveststack/agri-erpnext: A set of agriculture modules for erpnext

Thanks @woakes070048,

But nobody actually started working on this project ?

I mean there is no app in the repo

There has not been no. We have laid out requirement from discussions. We are in the middle of doing an integration with WSO2 and Open food Network but after that we are going start to build the app out over the requirements in the repo.

Thanks @woakes070048,

I am starting to work on some specific requirements for a vineyard. I will communicate the repo here as soon as the v1 is finished.
Maybe we can integrate everything together when you start working on the agri-erpnext.

Good luck with your current integration!

okay awesome. Look at this repo if you want to monitor anything. We were planning in integration this as part of the argi-erpnext. GitHub - libracore/monitor: Monitor app for ERPNext that will allow working with SensorData

Please see It could be a good source for requirements.

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