ERPnext for China location

Dear All… I need information on ERPnext for China location company. The company in China is presently using a famous local company ERP software…but not all modules as cost factor is involved. Now if ERPnext is to be installed for China location - what is the process please.
Here I am told that, only a few ERP’s are approved by China tax authorities and the ERP has also to be in Chinese language - as entries and ledgers will be reviewed only in Chinese screen.
Do ERPnext have Multi-lingual feature also - that entry can be passed in Chinese menu screens - and in English screens it also appear - and if at remote location it is passed in English screens, then in Chinese screens also it appear.
The Chinese company is a manufacturing company with subcontract also - and I have worked with ERPnext in a Africa location and found it very nice and complete and hence want to explore if the same can be also installed for China location.
If Multi-Lingual is not there - then one has to re-enter the same again in ERPnext please for management review and analysis also has any user installed and worked on it in China and will the China tax authorities approve it ( I think, this is a must in China ).
The plan is to install version10 for the China location with user rights spread across ( some for viewing and some can enter ) - so the installation process is also needed.
Sorry, I may have asked this question before also on installing part - but I need clear path and instruction for me to give it to my IT Team as on technical part they will handle.
Please can some one help me with the above info.

Dear All …okay, I read the help option in my ERPnext Demo - and found that, for every user we can define Language and in this case I chose Chinese language for a user and found that all screens for that user came in Chinese - so English language user can enter also and Chinese language user can enter also - and the database is update simultaneously and each one can see others entry - I think this is great and this is how it should be done.
Please can someone tell - if I am doing correctly.
Plus - please as requested above, wanted to know - if any one is using this in China and as China language screen is there and ledgers can be viewed in Chinese - the tax persons should approve it - just wanted to know if any one has this exposure please.
Also detailed procedure is needed - for me to give to IT Dept. on installing the latest ERPnext version10.
As I want to recommend management on the same please.


Thanks for an update.

On selection of language, the labels are translated. The language selection for data-entry depends on the user’s setting in the PC. The data itself won’t be translatable, unless you create Custom Translation for them in ERPNext.

Setup > Custom > Custom Translation

For the China, you can contribute standard Chart of Accounts in Chinese from here.

Thank you sir.
Please also let me know - the process of installing ERPnext version10 guidelines - I can forward the same to the IT Team.

here are the steps- GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

Thanks a lot Sir.

hi @bala1: I know this is a pretty old topic but I kjust stumbled over it and wanted to share some info

there is a Chart of Account for China here but this has no account numbers yet. So it would be less then ideal (and I believe account # are mandatory in China).

If anyone wanted to use that CoA regardless of te mentioned flaw you’d have to

  1. move the json file into the ~/apps/erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of _accounts/verified folder
  2. create a new company with the location set to China
  3. choose the CoA (which should be available now)
  4. remove the .json file from the ~/verified folder again to avoid conflicts at the next bench update

@bala1have you found a solution for that case fro a while ago? would be interesting to hear how you did that (accounting wise)