ERPNext for Construction

Hello everyone,

I own a construction firm that has been struggling with keeping systems in order for quite a while now. I have been testing a few ERP systems and for a host of reasons, it seems ERPNext is the most interesting one, albeit being probably the least geared towards contractors. I can see this discussion has been brought up a few times with no apparent results.

Long story short, I’m here to propose a construction-custom ERPNext. I have no development background but I’m willing to contribute as much to the construction-specific information required. I have contacted a few businesses to do the job, but I really think its more of an extended information exchange and implementation rather than a project with specific requirements off the bat.

We are willing to put the time, effort and money into sponsoring this. I do think my approach and what I want in a construction ERP will put ERPNext head and shoulders above the competition. I think if high level traction is gained, we can proceed into something big.

I do welcome all kinds of input.

Best Regards,

Ahmed ElGazzar



Do you have a specs for construction module or what is missing in current ERPNext?

You have a sales, purchase and stock cycle test run.

Most of the features are already available in ERPNext. You can use project module to tag all sales, purchase and stock transaction to get details view based on Each Construction Site.



Hi Sam,

I do think ERPNext has all the functionalities required but are really challenging to use out of the box for contractors.

For example,

  • Purchase, stock and sales are linked in such a way that retail/manufacturers could use. For contractors however, the purchase and stock would optimally be linked to a specific task in a project, with the sales expense going into the project expenses. i.e: no direct sale actually occurs.


I think I need to put forth a few ideas to make my concept clearer.

These will be some random thoughts, just for the sake of discussion.

1- Optimally, a construction firm with multiple projects would benefit from a daily, automatically-generated work order. This would include the required materials and man power on site.

2- The site then returns actual material usage and productivity rates. This should reflect in the employee timesheets, material stock, material waste as well as expenses related to both material and human resources.

3- Each project has its unique requirements and bill of materials, that should be monitored to prevent stock-related delays, as well as to optimize cash flow.

4- Change orders, forced stops at a site, etc… all are a unique construction-industry expense that could be handled. Also, requests for information and having a common information pool regarding a project is important in this industry.

5- Subcontractors, equipment rental are simple but effective additions…

6- Ambitiously, linking fleet and equipment management systems is a huge step forward.

7- I have always thought about integrating, or even better adding right in, the functionalities of a proper project management system. I think there’s a gap between the ERP and PM that allows for great redundancies.

Some thoughts off my head, just like to hear you guys’ thoughts. Sorry for putting it in layman business terms rather than anything development specific, its just what I do best.



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Hi Ahmed.
Please sketch a Flow Process(Block Diagram) of your requirement.

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For the construction industry, it is quite difficult to track projects using the existing timesheet based project tracking.

We predominantly work with Estimated BOQ’s and tracking project completion using the different elements in the bill of quantities would really be great feature.

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There was civil contracting module before in version 9, but developer of that module left industry. That module have every thing required vimal.

Can you from it back to latest version…?

Has there been any update on development of construction module ?

Looks like there is none but for execution of the construction project, project templates will do nicely. The bidding process though is another fish to fry.

Any updates on this subject?
I am interested too.

@Ahmed_ElGazzar @anupd @Tufan_Kaynak2 @jorgehrpo Hey everyone,

We’ve got some big news to share from 1TeamDigital! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re working on something special: an ERPNext system tailored specifically for construction businesses!

That’s right – we’re crafting a tool that’s going to revolutionize how construction companies do business, making everything smoother and more efficient than ever.

Here’s a quick rundown of what our construction-focused ERPNext can do:

  1. Quotation Ease: Easily create quotes with all the important details, including your work list and materials needed. Making deals with clients has never been simpler!
  2. Project Power: Turn those accepted quotes into full-on projects in a flash. Plan out your budgets based on your work list and keep everything organized with task lists.
  3. Material Management: No more stress about getting the right supplies. Request materials, place orders, and handle invoices – all while keeping an eye on your project budget.
  4. Task Collaboration: Need a hand? Assign tasks to subcontractors and keep track of who’s doing what. It’s teamwork made easy!
  5. Subcontractor Billing: Paying subcontractors is a breeze. Create bills that match your project budget perfectly, keeping your finances in check.

We truly believe this new ERPNext solution will transform the construction industry, making businesses more efficient, saving costs, and delivering top-notch results.

We’re all ears for your ideas and feedback. Do you have something to share? Drop us a line at

Mark your calendars for July 1st, 2024 – that’s when this fantastic new tool is set to launch!

Get ready to join us in shaking up the construction world with ERPNext!

Catch you later,

Noman Haider, CEO
1Team Digital


I’m looking forward for your new solution. Please remind me on July 1st. Thank you.

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Hi, willing to provide input from the structural steel industry and give an indication on how this can be implemented.


Can we see it’s preview or what is going on.

If developed publicly, would like to know code repository.

Hi @Colin_Tan , How to contact you?

My email is