ERPNext freeze with only E Logo

I have updated using “Bench update --upgrade” today and after I´m logged in I can only see a big E logo on the screen, when I “Switch to desk”. Same problem was reported by Amit_Saxena, see link
My previous update was on 2. April 2017 (v8.0.5)

I tried “bench watch” -it did not work.
Also CTRL+Shift+R for reloading a page, ignoring cache didn’t help.
I use Firefox browser.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Bench update is working fine?

Bench update didn’t solve my problem.

Is returning some error?
open browser console and do a shift + ctrl + f

@Jasper Please check the console in developer tools to see if there is any error or exception.

Amit is this what you mean?

There are errors in the log. Suggest you submit the trace for erpnext team to check.


Here are some more screenshots. If these are not enough please state which ones are needed.

I have a suggestion, but because I’ve been posting the same answer in different threads, it actually won’t let me post it, so I’ve added this sentence here to try get around the forum from allowing me to post an idea, here’s my idea…

Do you have a minification process, such as Cloudflare’s auto minify feature or a proxy that removes sourceMappingUrl values from the end of the JS bundle files?

Good luck