ERPNext Hosting and Custom Development

Our company has decided to move forward with a ERPNext implimentation for an ecommerce automotive business. We will have to perform some customizations, develop moduels and have API calls etc. . My question is if we host directly through ERPNext can our own hired developer make the required changes/ modifications to the ERPNext prograhm when hosting with ERPNext? What are our limitations when hosting with ERPNext? Thanks

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For your case, I would highly suggest to host ERPNext on self-hosted VPS e.g. linode,digital-ocean etc so you can do such deeper customization…

ERPNext hosting is a SaaS service while VPS hosting gives you full control of the machine



@Jim_Bob: I totally support the point of @jof2jc to suggest you a self-managed hosting of your server in a cloud to run your own instance of ERPNext.

Not only will it enable your full control of the machine, it will enable extensive customization and custom application development (new modules aka Frappe Apps) for your specific business processes or needs. In turn, hosting with clould will not allow for massive customization/extensions.

@Jim_Bob Great news!

If you choose ERPNext hosting, we can install your custom app if you choose a plan > $1500 per year.

You will still need someone to build the app for you :slight_smile:

Benefits of hosting at About

Greetings George,
Thanks for your reply. Greatly appreciated.

We are a Omni channel automotive ecommerce company in the U.S. selling
repair kits for 25 years. Currently products, inventory and sales order are
synced with our Legacy ERP to our main website. However, all other sales
channels (Amazon and Ebay) are not synced to our Legacy ERP and all
products and sales orders processing is being transposed and processed
manually into the ERP.

The goal for our business/ company is to replace our Legacy MS Access ERP
with ERPNExt and then develop custom module(s) or use third party tools
inventory and sales tool to Sync required fields with ERPNext thus
automating most all ecommerce sales and inventory functions to Amazon,EBay,
etc. and our own website(s).

We are assuming we will have to build custom module(s) do this and or
build a sync connector/bridge from ERPNext to a third party omni channel
ecommerce tool like or
to manage and sync live inventory between all channels real time. We must
also be able to call up all channel orders from one location and process
pull and ship orders via Fed Ex, UPS, USPS

If ERPNext had modules for Omni channel ecommerce built or could build a
connector to a third part omichannel tool as noted above it would simply be
be the bomb of ecommerce ERP world. I’m assuming this may be the fastest
path over building custom modules.

In doing this could we still host with ERPNext?
Do you know what the limitations we have when hosting with ERPNext?

Thanks so much for your input! Have a great Day!

Lots of people have built these connectors (or parts of it). Might be a great idea for someone to sponsor and make it part of the core.