ERPNext in The Netherlands?

Are there users, enthousiasts, or maybe a Dutch User Group for ERPNext in Holland?
I would like to get in touch with you. Ik zou graag met u in contact komen.
Best Regards,

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CC @becht_robert

@HeSmi Hoi Henk Ik kom uit Nederland als je hulp nodig hebt laat het maar weten. groetjes.
English (I’m Dutch if you need any assistance let me know. greets.

Hi, Believe I am the first early adopter of ERPNEXT in NL
Since 2011…
rgds Robert

Thanks mrmo; I would like to have some information about the experience with the implementation of ERPNext, the user friendliness, for instance with the Dutch tax authority, or book keeping,

Thanks, Robert.
As I more or less mentioned with mrmo, I would like to have contact tot discuss the ease of use of ERPNext.
How can we get in touch about that?

hi, at schiphol airport now, you can mail me r.becht@utwente. Nederland

gr robert

Book keeping is not as sophisticated as most well knows accounting software, but if your Chart of Accounts in the Account Module is setup according to the Dutch standard (Click here for details) and with the new feature of fixed asset management and depreciation coming up in V7 you should be okay.

Regarding user friendliness, it is the most user friendly ERP system I have ever seen out there. I have implemented it in companies in different sectors, from aluminum business to the seafood sector, all a success, but it truly depends on how creative you can be in linking it’s power of customization with your needs.


Ok; that makes the possibilities more clear to me, thanks, mrmo.
For back ground information about the use of ERPNext, I would like to inform you through email.
As I already did with mr Brecht:

Dear mrmo.

Due to reactions on our conversation in this community from people who informed me to be interested in erpnext, I like to have email contact with you so we can discuss what’s real, and what not.

Is there a possibilty to import bank CODA files to set the payments of the invoices or export SEPA file ( for invoices with payment method sepa?)


Hi there,

I’m looking for someone (a consultant?) who can help implementing ERPNext in the Netherlands (f.e. with Dutch Chart of Accounts).


Tnx! Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,
I am working on it with Mr Mo -conversation here above.
Mail me at the mentioned email adress ( ) and we can work together.
Best regards,

Hi Henk,

Thanks. I just sent you an e-mail.

Dear MrMo

I’m considering a specific customisation of ERPNext - do you offer implementation services?

I have specifications ready and I’m looking for a somebody that really knows the system to help me configure it intelligently.

I look forward to your reply.


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Erpnext in Nl does not take of…
In German speaking countries do have a very active community


graag gedaan…

Sure, please send me PM and we can discuss the needs.

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Hi thanks for the reply. If you could share your email address with me we can continue the conversation there. You can email me on

It’s an interesting project in the finance sector.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards