Erpnext installation guide

I got a vps i need to install erpnext on it can someone tell me what to do what do i need to install on my vps to host erpnext and i have ready subdomain i tried too many methods but it wents failing every time

Read this:

…Or use this:

Yes, I remember, It’s a great tool. Does it work under wsl already? I could swear that the app had some problem because it stopped in the database part.

In this case, probably something step by step is better and you can understand how the installation works and where the problems can come from.

It hasn’t been tested on WSL yet but i intend doing that soon.

This is only necessary for developers. Most folks in here just want to get the instance up an running and this is a tool that helps achieve that and the OP post suggests he’s tried many manual methods already.