ERPNext installation in vm

First, I am new in ERPNext.
My OS is windows 7.
I have installed oracle VM and import ova image as the instruction in
After that, I should able to reach the ubuntu os is it? but it always brings me to the shell

Sorry for my poor English.
Can anyone help? Thanks

No, i don’t think you can see the Ubunto OS. This is just so you can access ERPNEXT

for that you go to your internet browser and type localhost:8080

OMG!! i just spent entire day to find out how to get into the OS :sweat_smile:
btw thanks for reply.
Question again:
Today just found the ova for developer, so how can i go to the source code part?
I just login as frapper and do the bench update (is it necessary?)
After that I go to http://localhost:8080 it’s not working, am i miss any step?
and what is

PS: which ova should i use? I am going to develop the erp system, just dl the developer ova?


The OS is actually Ubuntu 14 something for the last version. You can see a splash screen with the version number when the (virtual) machine starts. To login you shall use frappe/frappe as username/password as indicated in the screenshot you attached.
I haven’t tried it, but I am almost 100% sure that the Unity / Gnome / Xfce desktop manager is stripped from the distribution.
I think you can try to install it using sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop but I am not sure.

Hope it helps,


Hey, the VM is an Ubuntu 14.04 system meant to be shell only. To access the code in the VM you can share the frappe-bench folder using Samba or rsync. I plan to add this as a built-in feature later.

In the development VM you access your site from the 8000 port.
ERPNext-Vagrant is basically a Vagrant Box that you can boot up using Vagrant

You can also boot up a normal Ubuntu VM with the GUI and everything and install ERPNext using Bench. I recommend getting Ubuntu 16.04 and use the “Beta development setup”.

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Maybe the Valmik Jangala’s answers from here can also help.

Hi guys,
thank you very much, i will try to figure out again.

Did you manage to install the ERPNEXT on your computer? if Yes! can you assist me install it in Windows7 Pro