Erpnext installation in windows

i am new to erpnext and use windows machine how can i install erpnext very detail specification will be helpfull

from what i know, the 2 main ways to install is:

  1. Docker
  2. VirtualBox

But version 14 has plenty of unknown errors, with redis, and also restore, even update with no little answer for solutions at the moment.

how about the current version? i want to install it for learning purpose and modify some basic stuff to check how it works

VM would be good, u can use the automated ubuntu script for install from Fully Automated Install Script for ERPNext Version 14 - #24 by l4cky

You can use Virtualbox, I have worked with version 14 and have had no problems.


WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is really useful too. IMHO, easier than docker and lighter/faster than VM.

Hope this helps.


Is it really not a VM virtual machine or Docker Desktop? Can it be backed up? I have downloaded wsl2 and Ubuntu22.04 LTS. I am very interested in this. Could you please teach me, thank you.

this is simple…
instal wsl2 in your computer as so … and install ubuntu 22.04LTS.
Later install erpnext using ubuntu terminal.

If you have already install WSL, open ubuntu terminal that you have installed and run commands to install erpnext.
maybe test it first by running sudo apt-get update . if it runs I guarantee you everything from there is as per you install in ubuntu.

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