ERPNext integration with Signaturit

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Hello World,

I am working on app that will integrate ERPNext with Signaturit. As one might expect, Signaturit is software that allows a user to perform eSignatures on documents. This would allow users of the app to get signatures on documents like sick leave, contracts and anything else.

I’m working on this extensively and plan to release it as soon as possible. Right now there isn’t much I can show you all, but I’ll regularly post on this thread with updates. I plan to release a triable version within this week.

Comments, conserns, questions, thoughts, inputs and assistence are all welcome.


Hi @ratskin
I am vary interested on this, Actually I am trying to build my own implantation of Signatures on print format documents for workflow.

please lets cooperate on this.


Hi @Mohammed_Redha,

It’s good to hear you are so interested. I would love to colabarate with

Please tell (or show) me what you have done so far.

Right now my files are all over the place so I’d be difficult to upload
anything to GitHub, but as I said I hope to have something usable by the
end of this week, then I’ll upload something there that you and anyone else
can contribute to.

Hi guys! You can ping us if you need some support while integrating our service! We will be happy to help you!


Hey @javier,
it’s nice to hear from you. The documentation on Signaturit is very good and the API, easy to use, but I did think of one question though.

I was wondering, when I create a signature with the API is it possible to define fields (like one for a signature), with that call? I was looking at the API reference, but I couldn’t see a way to do this. I guess it would be using templates, but I can’t find a way to create a template with the API either (only get manually created, existing templates). I was wondering if there might be a way to insert a html field or something like that (maybe a unique string you look for or something) into a pdf and then have signaturit recognise this as a signature field.

Right now, my plan is to just insert a “box” shape and then have the user create their own signature there when they get the email. I would rather not do this though, so I’d be great if you could help me out, thank you.


  • I want a way to create an input space for signatures using the API

Hi @ratskin, good to know that the documentation looks ok!

Regarding your question about the fields… it’s a feature we are working on right now (it’s a secret :slight_smile:)
We expect to release this feature later this month and update the documentation with the new parameter. You will be able to define the widgets in the same create request.

At this moment, the only field that you can define is the signature widget with the “require_signature_in_coordinates” parameter inside the recipients, but we are working to include all the rest of the widgets.

Stay tuned!

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Hello World,

it has been 7 days since I started this topic; I think it’s time for an update.

App progress report:

Things that are working:
Things that aren’t (yet) working:
  • Using Jinja or just having simple variables in “Text Editor” fields
  • Updating of Inbox on doctype list view load
  • Using frappe.utils.print_format.download_pdf without authentication
  • Application icons and logos

I plan on releasing a testable version of this in the coming days.


Very nice - keep it up !

The last update was 19 days ago, I guess it’s time for another.

App progress report:

The app is now downloadable!

So I now have a working version of the app that people can download and test. Right now I am unable to test it myself (See here), so please post bugs, improvements and anything else. Here’s the GitHub link

New things that are working:

  • Simple variables in “Text Editor” fields
  • Downloading pdfs without authentication
  • Application icons and logos

Things that aren’t (yet) working:

  • Updating of Inbox on doctype list view load. See here
  • Future updates on the app. See here

Hello, Isn’t time for another upgrade? :slight_smile: