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Hello everyone! Would like to ask if somebody has been working on a messenger/chat. I have seen the Chat that is available but it lacks features like Attach a File/Image or create chat rooms/group. I’m thinking of having like Facebook Messenger of ERPNext (just a simple messenger, not really the whole thing of Facebook that has fancy stuff on it… emoticons, gifs is just a plus).


I think there is a project that is redoing chat. I cant remember who is doing this but I’m sure there is one

there is a abandoned project here GitHub - Community-Apps-for-erpnext/livechat: Livechat APP for ERPNext

maybe something to be used to build upon

@Julian_Robbins @vrms I’ve searched over the discussion and most of them are broken links :smiley:

@vrms I’ll check the one you shared. But I wonder what live chat is this, it could be like a customer support chat. Not a messenger type. After I check this one I will post what I can find.

Re chat. I think there was talk about improved chat on the Open Day notes that Frappe put together about a couple of months back. I have a feeling it’s the guy who is known as @MCD-50 that may be doing this, not actually Frappe themselves.

I found the info. Try page 12 on March’s open day. There are some screenshots of a phone app for replying to messages via chat and a demo link which didnt work when I last tried it. But either way it may well be a live project . Try there github repo too

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

So what came of this? I’d like to support this project.


Hi All,

Any updates/progress on Chat features?


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I would support this too. Shortcut desktop sharing in a chat session would be really awesome! How can we get it going?

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What not just create an integration for Slack ?. Internal communication is best handled by third party

would be better to have everything in one place I think :slight_smile:

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Yes, to me ERP promise is to have a single database and single user interface, even if it may not be as good as specialized software. Odoo has done it with its Discuss module, a clone like Slack, which can serve as mailing lists too (every message can be sent to all channel members, who can reply by email).


It would be great if somebody tackled chat and added functionality to make it more usable with things such as image upload and file attachment. Also groups should be there that are private groups or public groups like in slack.


really looks like someone needs to take a lead here.

as of the moment we are using 3rd party chat. But it serves as a chat support not a communication tool between the users.


Hi Jonskywalker, looks great! more details pls! :slight_smile: thanks

A decent chat client would be good. Is this something that could be bountied ? I’d prefer to keep the chat in-house but the notifications especially are weak in ERPNext . Otherwise we’d use something like Riot or Wire but I don’t want to start using one app then need to migrate users to ERPNext


I still believe the best way is to integrate Frappe with a chat app. Something like Rocket.Chat, it has MIT licence, all the features needed for corporate chat even voice and video conferencing, nice API with Python wrapper, and compatible with Slack which allows for dozens of external services integrations, and can be installed with isolation on the same server using docker or snap …etc.

You can’t put to much resources developing the chat app since it doesn’t have higher priority in ERP system, and even if you did, you can’t beat a stand alone corporate chat app that has comprehensive integrations with lots of business apps, and its own iOS, android, and desktop chat clients.

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You’re right. It is a matter of strategy. We can say the same about CMS features, project management, file management… Even sales or accounting. Specialized apps will always beat an ERP system when you compare them on their domain.

ERP is, IMHO, about consistency, coherence, direct data integration. ERPNext chat app should not try to compete against Matrix or It may try to offer good basic features, completely integrated into the solution.

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You are right about CMS features, project management … because these are interconnected; however, chat in ERP is more of an add-on that why you see even biggest erp companies like SAP made their chat app standalone with SAP Jam, and they even focused on developing chat bot to connect SAP with other platforms like Slack, google …

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