ERPNext Mobile on Android Store!


Please test this and give your feedback here.

Please report any bugs at: frappe-apps / mobile / issues — Bitbucket


1st bug report: If http:// or https:// is used in server address, it shows invalid address
Workaround till fixed: don’t prepend http:// or https://

2nd Bug report: Web session gets logged out if you login via mobile app.

Well this should be the expected case if you have multiple logins disabled but I have checked that once I login to the mobile app then I get logged out of the web session (OK) but now if I re-login to the web-session then the mobile session remains active and on using that session it again logs me out of the web session.

Another thing, I cannot scroll the reports and it seems to be just like opening on the mobile browser.

If the case is same then may I know what is the need for the app since its works exactly the way it worked on mobile chrome

@adityaduggal app won’t require you to login everytime and it doesn’t need to load many of the initial javascript files like the web browser does. It will eventually have push notifications, maybe calendar integration with your mobile, etc.

I smell security issues in this as below:

  1. What if the mobile is lost…is there a way to remotely logout mobile sessions…I guess the answer is No?
  2. What if the user has restrictions based on IP addresses?
  3. What if the user is not allowed for Mobile Sessions?


  1. If mobile is lost, you can login from another mobile and the older mobile sessions are cleared or you can just disable a user, save and enable him/her again to clear all sessions. (we can add a manage sessions feature too. Can you create an issue?)
  2. IP address restrictions are honoured
  3. The user can use any browser even now, so does it make sense to have a feature to disable mobile access?


Thanks Anand for the confirmations.

The third point was based on the assumption that IP address restrictions were not honoured.

I would create a github issue for the 1st point.

Just now installed, not sure why screen look like this.


If I go to supplier or customer and mobile number is in, I would like to be able to click on it, phone should recognize it as a number then be able to call.
Same goes with email. If email is entered, when I click on it, it should open the email editor.


I absolutely love this app. Uploading the documents from supplier and expense claims are now easy. I can take snapshot of the receipt and directly attach it. Even creating new items with photo is a breeze.
I think I’m going to use mobile more that desktop now. Mobile app is going to be game changer for ERPNext.


Where is the code for the mobile app located?

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@vivek want to keep the source closed until the app is popular on Google / Apple app stores so that there are no unwanted clones.

It pretty much loads the standard UI in a Cordova container, so there is not much rocket science anyways.

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The APP is great, the best way to experience the nice ERPNext interface and convince potential clients to go through the effort of implementing an ERP. What I like most is that it’s not a “real app” but simply a clean and easy way to access the server, therefore whatever we customize will push through immediately.

The inevitable question: when can I demonstrate ERPNext on my clients’ iPhones in the coffee shop? There is no way to convince an iPhone user that this is the right ERP for them if there is only an Android app out there.

Two problems, so far:

  1. my desktop background and user images are not visible on the app, the desktop shows a white background and where user image should be visible I only see the missing image marke (this is after customizing these two images, the defaults for other users work fine)
  2. the menu often behaves irrationally on all modules - say I go to CRM, choose Main reports, then want to go to Standard reports, choose this from the menu but when the menu closes I still have Main reports on the screen. Same thing in other modules, refreshing doesn’t help.

Kind regards,


App is 5 Stars!

  • Feels faster than logging in from Browser.
  • Feels more Integrated into android while Attaching files.
  • Frappe Messaging has potential for Business conversations instead of Whatsapp or Telegram.
  • Inexpensive POS with ability to read barcode with help of other Barcode Scanner App.


  1. Add “ERPNext Account” in Android Settings > Accounts > Add Account. Possibility to add multiple accounts.
  2. Sync Contacts, Calendar as per accounts added.
  3. Offline Mode / Sync / Cache / Any solution for Intermittent internet on mobile.
  4. Switching Apps reloads ERPNext to Desk. It should be where it was left at instead?!

Awesome App!



I have an ERPNext server working with only SSH and HTTPS ports open for security reasons. I am not able to connect to it through the app, does it use a different protocol/port?

HTTPS should work. It uses the standard app. If you’re able to use it on your browser, app should work just fine

I cannot insert HTTPS://, does it use it by default? Doesn’t work…