ERPNext-Production_v14.8.0 ova download link

thank you

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Sill unable to restart bench

By the way what have you done ?

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during setup in the end i got a

Request Timed Out


Setup failed
Could not start up: Error in setup

any ideas?

Could you share screenshot ?

After Installation the bench is not restarting
So i did this :-

chmod -R o+rx /home/frappe

sudo nano /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf

(Add these lines under [unix_http_server])


then restart supervisord

sudo supervisorctl reload


sudo service supervisor restart

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How to Keep the IP constant because Every time i restart system the IP changes

I am using this setting in network

link not working. Please Help

This video will be helpful for you.

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@hafiz4saqib link not working … Please Help


Which link ???

manufacturing download link

@hafiz4saqib manufacturing download link

Setup is running till “setting defaults” and then this error appeared. I was using 14.16. image.

This is happened some time.
So, remove image from virtual box and try import again.
You should use VirtualBox V7 latest instead of v6.

i use some software from QNAP.

I made the VM now two times again. But unfortunately still the same error.

Sorry to say that I am not a professional.
If this image not working with external software’s I can’t help you there.
You can buy Professional Service Support on this issue or can wait for someone will help you on this.
But one thing I am sure that this image definitely works on local PC without hassle free.

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Can this be used for development as well?

I repeated the setup procedure several times as recommended.

Now it worked :smiley:


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