ERPNext Roadmap for April 2021


Herewith the ERPNext roadmap for the month of April!!

We are looking forward to your contribution in terms of sharing insights and resources, which can help us scale-up on the product front. It eventually comes back to you in terms of more feature-rich and polished ERPNext!

Module Feature Description
Accounts India GST Configurator This tool will take inputs from the user on Company location/states, and then set up rest of the GST master (tax template, tax category, GST Settings) from the backend.
Financial Statements based on Dimensions This report will list the Account as a Rows and Dimensions as columns. You will be able to see the balance of given Account and Dimension posting on a given date
ClearTax Integration For generating e-invoice and e-way bill IDs
Delete Company Transactions [Refactoring] Make a separate doctype and provide option for selecting DocTypes for which transactions will be deleted
[Tentative] Rate Difference in Purchase Invoice and Receipt Managing stock value correction and difference due to exchange rate variance
POS Enabling search as per user’s language and translations entered
Project Project Profitability Report Considering billing value of Sales Invoice and resource cost
Resource Utilization Report Resource Utilization Report based on Timesheet
Task Delay Report Report based on Task’s Estimated completion and actual completion time
HR Employee Referral Provision for existing Employee to suggest one’s contact for open position
Organisational Chart Enhanement in tree view of Employee master
Job Application and Interview Enhanement in Job Application and Interview documents
Payroll Sales Commission Sales commission calculation and addition in Salary Slip
Overtime in Payroll Help us make this feature robust here
Healthcare CPOE (Computerised Physician Order Entry CPOE is basically a more streamlined approach for placing medical orders
Healthcare Insurance Health Insurance details, claim and accounting
CRM Social Media feature enhancements Enhancements in LinkedIn and Twitter Posting feature
Refactoring Lead and Opportunity refactoring
Stock Subcontracing Enhancements consumption of items based on actual transfer. Provision to return from sub-contractor to main warehouse
Website E-commmerce Enhancements Shopify two-ways masters and stock push to Shopify. Other e-commerce enhancement in ERPNext Website module
Enabling translations on Website Language selection and enabling Custom Translations on portal
Maintenance Maintenance Schedule [Refactoring] Resource re-allocation option in Maintenance schedule
Maintenance Schedule [Refactoring] Enabling “Internal Maintenance” in Maintenance Scheule and Maintenance Visit

Please note that this roadmap is tentative, considering the best-case scenario. If needed, we might prioritize some other action items (not on the list) based on the situation. In such a case, open tasks would be pushed to next month’s roadmap.


@MichaelPinkowski, @vjFaLk and I are ready to help out with this project as much as we can. Just let us know about the full scope of the project.

We’re already working on a fork of the current Shopify integration, based on the initial plan to offer integrations as separate apps, with the following improvements:


Hi Rohan,

Thanks for your interest in contribution!

The upgrade in Shopify is aimed at these few points (tentative):

  • When an item is created in ERPNext, then it should be automatically published in Shopify.
  • Linking item’s warehouse to Shopify, so that item’s current stock is mapped into ERPNext.
  • Current Stock available to be synced back to Shopify
  • Cancellations of orders to be synced with ERPNext

Please suggest if these are handled in your application so that we can try and sync-up.

Cc: @marination

Hi Umair,

Here are my notes on the points you’ve mentioned:

  • When an item is created in ERPNext, then it should be automatically published in Shopify.

We currently only do one-way sync from Shopify, but this could be achieved via the API fairly easily.

  • Linking item’s warehouse to Shopify, so that item’s current stock is mapped into ERPNext.

We don’t currently have this feature, but Shopify provides webhooks for updates to locations (equivalent to warehouses in ERPNext) and item inventory levels.

  • Current Stock available to be synced back to Shopify.

We can discuss how this should work as a process, but this can be done via the API as well.

  • Cancellations of orders to be synced with ERPNext

This is already available in our base branch of the fork. We cancel any sales documents connected to a cancelled Shopify order.

Let us know if you would be interested in syncing up. Maybe we can create a Telegram group for this contribution?

Is anything coming soon for Renting Management Assets?



We have a suggestion which can be considered as advance feature in terms of handling COGS and Revenues recognitions (this feature available in SAP, Oracle, Odoo, MS AX and GP).

Current behavior:

Trx Date Reference GL Account Dr Cr
Delivery Note Feb-2020 DN-0001 COGS - Expense 900
Delivery Note Feb-2020 DN-0001 Stock 900

In most cases, our invoice related to the above should be issued within the same period that COGS recognized and by means we have to recognize the Revenues related in the same period. But in our case, most common invoices are not being issued within the same period due to a long procedure of our customers as most are contractors.

So, the revenues recognition (Sales invoice) of the above might be made after 2-3 months…hence, if you look our P&L, it won’t be reflecting the best values should be as it presenting COGS without having Revenues related which we don’t want to have.

Therefore, and based on our experience with other ERP platform, we highly suggest you to adopt the advanced method and to make is as option in accounting setting.

Suggested Behavior:

Trx Date Reference GL Account Dr Cr
Delivery Note Feb-2020 DN-0001 Temporary account or Interim (Balance sheet) 900
Delivery Note Feb-2020 DN-0001 Stock 900

The above will not have an impact on the P&L statement, and shall be treated as below while issuing the related invoice:

Trx Date Reference GL Account Dr Cr
Sales Invoice Jun-2020 SINV-0001 Debitor 1500
Sales Invoice Jun-2020 SINV-0001 Sales 1500
Sales Invoice Jun-2020 SINV-0001 COGS 900
Sales Invoice Jun-2020 SINV-0001 Temporary account or Interim (Balance sheet) 900
  • With the above, COGS and Revenues were recognized within the same period
  • Temporary/Interim account is closed
  • COGS is visible to be read within GL related to the invoice

Hope the above to have it in your roadmap for the next updates V13.

Yahya - CFO
Technology ERA company


this is new (if I am not mistaken).

Can you elaborate whether this is a regular initiative from now on and how the Roadmap items are being selected and whether there is a chance to influence which shortcomings/new features make it to the roadmap please?


Yes, we at Frappe are trying to bring in the practice of roadmap for coming months/quarter. To propose a feature, it will be best if you can start a discussion post, like one made above by @TetraComSA . From the validation perspective, it will best to also suggest the impact of this feature on larger user-base, as doing high impact feature will be priority in roadmap. Also, if you could indicate the interest in sponsorship, it will help us plan for the resources better for execution, may be scale-up team to address them.

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Thanks for the details. As requested, can you please create a separate discuss post for this feature request? If there is other users in the community supporting it, we will try and add it to our roadmap.

thanks for elaborating @umair

I doubt this will lead to anything valuable if you not define clear instructions/schedule/workflow how this works and also act upon those instructions/schedule/workflow and make the process understandable and open to everyone though.

I personally believe github project would be a tool to utilize in order to achieve this. If you want I can engage in this and help to set this up.

Nice to see roadmaps back again.
Check the old one before starting the new ones :slight_smile:

Not sure where to do the feature request…here or in a new issue…

Feature Request.
Most modern erp/accounting/bookkeeping systems promoted in NL have a feature to automatically enter invoices using OCR. Believe that many users, especially those not having dedicated staff to enter purchase invoices, would appreciate this.
I copy weekly the invoices for say some 30 items items from the same vendor, a process that could be carried out (semi) automatically

Came across InvoiceNET, a India-based, Python, OS project that may be interesting.


This is an awesome idea to have as a feature in ERPNext. The commercial tool sevdesk is widely popular in Germany because of this feature. Business owners will have a much easier flow to enter the expense entries.

Hi Umair ,
I will contribute if testing is to be done for the below feature, let me know.
Stock Subcontracing Enhancements consumption of items based on actual transfer. Provision to return from sub-contractor to main warehouse

Thanks for your inputs. We shall soon revert with an update. Some of the roadmap items had to be push further, as some of our team members have caught COVID infection and on medication. We will keep you posted.


Hello Sir,

Will this include Roadmap for Frappe, or just ERPNext ?


Not as yet. The requirement is pretty clear (thanks to Yahya) but there is a need for more traction/validation so that we can consider adding in the future roadmap.

Agreeing with @vrms I think Github will be a better place for publishing new feature requests, so that community members can upvote them. As and when we scale up, we should be able to give priority to Github Issues with more upvotes as well.

Sorry to hear this. We wish them the fastest recovery

Thoughts & Prayers :pray:t3: