Erpnext - Stock Balance report error - incorrect value and valuation rate!?

I have an issue with stock balance report. stock in and stocknout qty is correct. but invallue and out vallue is completely wrong. the valluation rate is also wrong. i don’t know what to do. inhave hired few people from freelancer and upwork, wasted bit money. they couldn’t help me. the valluation rate in the stock balnce report is not same from purchase invoice or item master.


i have attached the item master, purchase price and balance report

please someone help me

“i don’t know what to do.” “please someone help me”

Welcome to ERPnext,

Of course open source offers options and opportunities.

Hence why not implement your own tests here?

The idea is to validate the reports you require and depend on, based on a data set that you know and trust.

Then if you contribute those tests back to the codebase, everyone benefits.

Until a comprehensive test suite exists to validate and debug reports, they will be questionable.

just my thoughts

Frappe has one basic ReportBuilder and query report test for each of these…

And within ERPNext there are these 30+ standard business and financial reports

But to correspond with these there seem to be no report-specific tests to validate data content in these reports. So perhaps no test coverage exists for any of these reports?

Some more thoughts

“i have attached the item master, purchase price and balance report”

No sign of these attachments!?

These may offer you insight into your valuation rate issue