ERPNext update errors [7.4 / 8.3]

git info is:

~/bench-repo$ git status

On branch master

Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’.

~/bench-repo$ git describe --tags


cd ~/frappe-bench && bench version

erpnext 7.2.14
frappe 8.3.8

then >

bench clear-cache
bench update

after >

Go to the bench, frappe & ERPNext folders and run a git pull. If everything goes well, come back to frappe-bench and run a bench update.

Hope this helps.



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~/frappe-bench/sites/erpnext.vm$ git pull

fatal: Not A git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

frappe-bench/apps/frappe and erpnext. Not sites.

~/frappe-bench$apps/frappe/git bull

Already up-to-date.

Run for ERPNext and the bench- repo folders as well.

after run > localhost:8080

Internal Server Error

sudo service nginx restart
sudo service supervisor restart

And try logging in again!

~/frappe-bench$sudo service nginx restart

  • Restarting nginx nginx

~/frappe-bench$sudo service supervisor restart

Restarting supervisor: supervisord.

what > " and try logging in again! "


Internal Server Error

Did the bench update go through okay? Or did you get any errors? If you never did bench update, go back to frappe-bench and run a bench update.

If you get a database error try sudo service mysql restart.

After bench update goes through without any errors, if you get internal server error again, try

sudo service mqsql restart
Sudo service supervisor restart
Sudo service nginx restart

Check if the site is working.

Hope it works this time around.



thanks @JayRam JayRam

the same error

Run bench update again and post the screen shot of the result. Or get to the logfile and reproduce the results here.

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I need to see the entire message, Buddy! Show me the end.

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from View > Take Screenshot…


what the command line ?

good morning @JayRam JayRam

good news bench update now without errors

but with run bench update --upgrade > more errors and the erpnext ( localhost:8080) Internal Server Error

ERPNext and Frappe both have to be 8.3 + !

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