ERPNext use in hospital or clinic

Hi All, does anyone have any experience with deployment of ERPNext in a hospital or clinic.

Just check this out might help →


is this application free like erpnext
also is it possible to install it on our server like erpnext?

If you want free app and install it in your server you can try these:



how to install this one’s?

bench get-app GitHub - indictranstech/Hospital_Management

bench --site site1.local install-app Hospital_Management

smarteClinics is yet to be available on git. We should do this by the mid of Jan. Meanwhile, we’ll update the demo to the latest version which is much closer to an HIS. Will post an update here…

And @neilLasrado - thanks for the mention!


@Mohammed_Redha can you send us a link to check or can we see any demo please provide us the link.thanks

@akurungadam looks cool! Look forward to your repo in Jan :slight_smile:

@akurungadam We will be happy to collaborate with the project!

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We had been building a Healthcare system with erpnext. Seeing your work, we might shift our efforts in joining you develop more modules into your system once available in Github.

We are looking at having Patients portal, HMO access, and inter-clinic / hospital API’s.


That is great news. Any update?

@akurungadam this looks really cool. Keep up the great work and cant wait to see the git repo

smarteCare source is available at GitHub - ESS-LLP/smarte: smarteCare - Frappe modules for healthcare management

Note : Inpatient module is under development. There are several planned features, improvements to current version.
We are on it, contributions and feedback welcome.

Thank you for your interest.


@rmehta @neilLasrado @Sachine_P1 @jeffbangquil @federico_calvo @dalwadani @woakes070048
excited to see the interest… please try out the source on GitHub. Features related to Practice management / OP, Laboratory etc. are quite close and we have a couple of beta users here… We are still working on adding features to make smarteCare a full fledged HIS.

anyways, we are eager to hear your thoughts.

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@akurungadam @Ranjith


On a slightly different note, let me know if you want to discuss how to add it to core. By merging schools, we were able to see a lot of benefits.

I also want to help you guys to make money from this. Can we have a call for this? Maybe we can share revenue everytime someone subscribes for this on the ERPNext Cloud.

Pls PM me.


sure, adding to core will be good… we are currently concentrating on making the available features stable and getting a couple of beta users for In-patient management too. anyways, we’ll pm you and work this out.

thanks and we are keen to see the response from the community as well about this new vertical.


I’m currently working on HMO Module for this, are you working on the some related feature? Hope to finish it before the month ends.

Available and planned features that we are working on are listed in Not sure what exactly you are looking for, please share.


I guess it will be great if someone makes a pull on this, because otherwise we will keep reinventing the wheel again and again!