ERPNext vs Tryton

Hi everyone,

Based in these comparisons [1] and [2].

Can you make a comparison ERPNext with Tryton [3] ?

Forthe web client, Tryton have SAO. You can check it here [4].

[1] ERPNext vs Odoo
[2] ERPNEXT Vs. OPENTAPS - #5 by hhashiesh


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Just checked out the demo. The Web UI seems pretty early stage

Tried booking an invoice, asked me to enter a company I could not figure where!

The Web UI Very very preliminary in my view.



Frappe / ERPNext:

Both are FOSS and can use efforts from each other.

Note :
I’ve not used Tryton.


You seem to have tested on a day where someone else has removed the demo user from the company.
Any way, you should not be blocked because the company field is not on the form. Indeed we should have prevent you for filling a line if the invoice has no company:

It has already improved (and will continue)


but yes the web client is still behind the desktop.


I think philosophy is a little different. I’m not a user of Tryton but I regularly have a look. Tryton comes from TinyERP I guess (old version of Odoo/OpenERP) and the technically, the framework can have some similarities.

Tryton is quite quality-focused, with many tests for example. The Web UI is near of a copy of the desktop / GTK client and ergonomics are de facto similar.

Tryton seems to be dedicated to pure ERP / internal management whereas Frappé and ERPNext include website, portal, ecommerce… Frappé also enables many graphical customizations, without advanced technical skills.

About support and versioning : ERPNext is SaaS like with rolling type release. Tryton has stables versions every few months (6 ?).

About contribution : it seems that Frappé+ERPNext has more contributors and activity than Tryton.

Lastly, each solution is really open source (100% of the source + upgrades) and built on top of Python.

  • Tryton is not multi language

Tryton supports internationalisation. They have a translation server and some documentation about it.

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It was long time to check back.

Even with the clarification I still do not see the relevance of limehalve’s post here. Seems like self promotion of a possibly competing solution.

In other forums it is the kind of post that is deleted outright .

My opinion.



This is interesting. Maybe some day we could have details on how to do simulation for reorder and safety stock. And hopefully also get it integrated into ERPNext - is that possible @Not_a_countant?

I have found an interesting Tryton vs Odoo review. You can find it here

My thoughts.

This forum for ERPNext, not Tryton, not Odoo, not any other software.

However, @rmehta’s response is golden - professional and controlled.