ERPNext web user can access non locally connected?

I m using ERPNext on windows 10 in Virtual box.
How can i connect my VM Remotely.
Means i can use ERPNEXT localhost:8000 but i want to use on web form other internet connected PC And Mobile app. How?

You can change your network setting for Virtual Machine to Bridge mode instead of NAT’ed. This way your virtual machine is directly available on your machine’s Ethernet port

What Is web Site?Means how to open Login Page?

Exposing a Virtual Box guest to access from remote users elsewhere on the Internet is not a trivial task and dangerous for your host machine if you don’t take a LOT of care with security concerns.

You would be far better off renting a VPS from someplace like Digital Ocean.

Okk, But Its Possible or Not?If possible then suggest any video.
How much pay off digital ocean? and have any other low price alternative platform?