Error on


I try to use the translate website to create templates.
Right now it is not working.
I get the following error:
IndexError: list index out of range

Anybody who could take a look at this?

Same problem here. I already reported it a couple of days ago, to no avail. Translation framework broken? - #6 by Laurens

Must have overlooked your post.
Good luck to the fixers!

@Laurens @jkeersmaekers fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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Alright, super.
Works again.
Thanks @rmehta

Hi @rmehta, seems like another bug popped up. :slight_smile: Can’t select the language, gives me an “oops page not found” error.

There’s a ticket on github, now partly solved: impossible to edit/verify/find in Translator · Issue #127 · frappe/translator · GitHub

It solved as above github issue, please close this subject.

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