Error report issue email change

How to change the email to another if the support can be given local?
Every time a local error happens on programming for instance and the message shows up the user clicks on report issue… The email attached or to send the issue should be able to be changed.

Hey did you manage to fix this?

Had to change the source file from frappe if not mistaken… but will check and let you know later.

Just checked my source and all i did was add on
error_report_email = Youremail@suport

Of course that when the box comes up the user should delete erpnext email in case the issue is not ERPNext related but your Custom APP.

Hi where exactly do you add it?
Am I adding it under
welcome_email = “erpnext.setup.utils.welcome_email”
or where? if you could please guide me?

@Amrit_Kaur hi,

Are you using a local instance?
If yes, under your custom Application there is a file named that you can edit and add the error_report_email = “your email”.
This error_report_email does not exists on hooks so you can add it.

So like i add it at the bottom of the code?
error_report_email = “

Hi, I did this, i sill get errors about support email.

Correct. Or you can add after app_license or fixtures is really up to you.

Being local instance you have to run bench clear-cache and run bench start again if on development otherwise just restart your VM (assuming).

I am using a virtual machine, every time I click print on my quotation I get this first:
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘file’ referenced before assignment
then I click report then I get this:
Support Email Address Not Specified

I am just stuck on this even after restarting the vm.

Have a look at this link