Error while PDF Printing

@anandakumar @pdvyas @vjFaLk Dear Team,

We have restored data from cloud version to virtual box 5.0 successfully.

But we are unable use PDF Printing features & configure email alert settings.

We are getting below error message

@Ram_Gopal_Rao as much as i remember on this error you have to make:

bench update
bench migrate

this will make the erp fix the errors…

@ramielian getting same error message

@Ram_Gopal_Rao Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t follow up on your old post.

I remember you had done bench set-root-url, I’m not sure why exactly. Can you go into common_site_config.json and remove the host_name line?

@vjFaLk can i get the location of the file?

Inside the frappe-bench/sites folder

@vjFaLk I dint find host_name line !

Apologies, it should be in /sites/ramgopal/site_config.json

@vjFaLk My sitename is ramgopal

shall i go to /frappe-bench/sites/ramgopal/ & remove host-name line in site_config.json?

@vjFaLk done! Do i need to run any other commands?

Try bench restart and try to open the print view again

I’m getting Internal server error :frowning:

@vjFaLk im getting “Internal Server Error” :frowning:

whats the error?

@ramielian @vjFaLk if I enter “http://localhost:8080” it will show “Internal Server Error”

@Ram_Gopal_Rao Didn’t we set your site to use localhost:80? Can you load that?

@vjFaLk yes, we set this site to port 80 only. but it opens in http://localhost:8080

If we type http://localhost:80 we get below error message

In my vm settings guest port: 80 host port is:8080

Can you re-run the commands :

bench setup-nginx-port ramgopal 80
bench setup nginx sudo service nginx restart

@vjFaLk In my vm settings guest port: 80 host port is:8080