Errors on importing

Error for row (#29) CI30K-CM1099-ICR Grey : Duplicate name UOM Conversion Detail UCDD/00009

after the first import i tried to import items again.then the error occurs. i tried to look to change it on the set up naming series but i cant seem to find UCDD please help on this. i also cant add items manually shows the same error.

There is no clear answer on how to solve this. still cant find the Prefix on the list.

Read the Importing Notes.


  1. Please do not change the template headings.
  2. First data column must be blank.
  3. If you are uploading new records, leave the “name” (ID) column blank.
  4. If you are uploading new records, “Naming Series” becomes mandatory, if present.
  5. Only mandatory fields are necessary for new records. You can delete non-mandatory columns if you wish.
  6. For updating, you can update only selective columns.
  7. You can only upload upto 5000 records in one go. (may be less in some cases)

For importing new records csv with blank id column is required.

For updating Download Item template with data from Data import tool, make changes to template and import changes with ID
(on v4 select “Overwrite” before import)

i tried that already. i imported on a clean install then when trying to add or import again these errors occurs.

Duplicate name UOM Conversion Detail UCDD/00009

How to fix this. anyone please.

You might have to reset the value.

this link doesnt open, can you give a new link?