Export-fixtures of just one app

How can i export-fixtures of just one app?

Check this Fixtures Support - filters

Im little confused.
I have two doctypes: Titulos and Parcelas, I need get all custom fields from these two docs

I think you should go this way:

In hooks.py
fixtures = [
“Custom Script”,
{“dt”:“Custom Field”, “filters”: [[“dt”, “in”, (“Titulos”, “Parcelas”)]]}

What’s “in”?

It’s a filter, only select Doctypes that is named Titulos or Parcelas

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Thank you!
But when I run bench export-fixtures, this read all of hooks.py
Is possible run bench export-fixtures just of one folder?
bench export-fixtures apps/financeiro/financeiro/hooks.py

Just a doubt, why “Custom Script”?


Custom Script export custom scripts of these doctypes?
Hm… Thanks