[Feature Improvement] Raw Material request with items to manufacture should open a work order

Hello everyone, Happy new year!!

In our factory, we use some material that we need to manufacture/produce before putting it all together, and these items (Moulds) have the default material request option to Manufacture, but in ERPNext its still getting added to the request raw material as a purchased item where the ERP should have opened a work order to manufacture these items first and the rest of the items that needs to be purchased should be added as purchase / transferred to WIP.

is there any fast way to do this or it will require changing the code instead?

please make sure active BOM exists for those items in material request to be manufactured.

@szufisher I already have a BOM for the item (in picture 1)

and the Full item in pic 2:

Then opened a request for raw material in pic 3

and its in there (row #4)

and there is no other material requests for manufacturing or work orders

maintain default material request type as Manufacture in Item master for BOM-Mould-RSE-00582-SL

@szufisher that is the case since the beginning

Here it is testing result on my v13 instance

BOM Structure

FG has two components: SFG and RM2
SFG has one component RM1

Production plan for material request for FG
SFG mapped to your Item Mould-RSE-00582-SL

@szufisher Are you using production planning?

the workflow we use is:

quotation > sales order > request raw material > purchase > receive material via purchase
from sales order > work order > receive raw material via transfer

yes,I am using production planning

So maybe this function is working in production planning but not working in sales order…

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